Can Kids Really Make a Difference? Teens Are Finding Creative Solutions to Stomp Out Bullying.

The ‘Stomp It Out’ music video project is a collaborative project spearheaded by teen rockers, Haunted by Heroes and Free2Luv, a global nonprofit, who rallied 5 middle schools to create an anti-bullying video. They're inviting youth everywhere to stand up, make a difference and rock their voices for good.

Seattle, WA, June 18, 2014 --( "When I bullied somebody, I didn't really think about it at the time. A few years later, I realized there's not much difference between us," says Michael, 8th grader. Profound statements like these are why Free2Luv, an award-winning nonprofit joined forces with teen rock sensation, Haunted By Heroes to stand up to bullying and spread kindness through music. Today marks the global launch of their anti-bullying music video, 'Stomp It Out' and youth everywhere are invited to stand up, speak out and let their voices be heard.

With the rise in teen suicides and 1 out of every 3 children experiencing some form of bullying, it is Free2Luv and Haunted By Heroes' collective mission to reach as many communities and children as possible to spread the word that every person is perfect just the way they are. The 'Stomp It Out' music video project was a collaborative effort spearheaded by teen rockers, Haunted By Heroes who rallied 5 middle schools in the Bay Area to participate in this interactive music video:

Haunted By Heroes is no stranger to bullying. "It bothers us to see our classmates getting bullied," the band said in a collective statement. "We defend them because it's not cool to be picked on by anybody. Watching kids be mean toward someone else, often when that person can't defend himself, is one of the main reasons we decided to produce the 'Stomp It Out' video."

"Our goal is to start a nationwide movement of youth standing up and making a difference together, using their voices for good," says Free2Luv Co-Founder, Tonya Sandis. "Our hope is that this music video launch can start a revolution of kindness where kids all over can unite through music, which is a powerful vehicle for creating change. We are honored to be collaborating with this amazing group of boys, who are not only accomplished musicians but also know how to rock kindness."

When Free2Luv asked youth how can we stop bullying, the answers were insightful: "You need to be respectful because everyone is equal and we all deserve to be treated with respect," says Carney, 8th grader. "If you got a whole bunch of people who were strong and had a really strong belief in stopping something, then you could really move things," says Elizabeth, 6th grader.

You can join the movement and stand up to bullying with Free2Luv and Haunted By Heroes. Visit and learn how you can be an agent for change.
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