Yepme Launched New TV Ad Featuring Esha Gupta for Their Spring Summer Collection

Gurgaon, India, June 19, 2014 --( Fashionable young adults and teenagers in India have something to look forward to. Shopping for clothes and other fashionable items has now become easier. Yepme, India's newest and biggest online fashion brand has just launched a new TV ad featuring popular model and actor appearing in both Bollywood and internationally-released films. It is sure to entice the young and hip because of the obvious draw of star power.

The ad is a short clip that features Gupta changing from one outfit to the other with boxes of Yepme on her bed. The outfits she breezed through ranged from casual to laid back to sexy and sultry. It turns out that Gupta was preparing for a date with her sweetheart. The ad featured clothes, shoes and fashionable bags.

At the end of the TV ad, Gupta's sweetheart appears and he too had his top changed with a click of a button. The ad shows how easy it was to browse and shop for clothes online via Yepme. Gupta was shown shopping using her mobile phone, and the process was no simpler than clicking or tapping the preferred item and proceeding to the checkout.

The new Yepme ad was intended for young adults, professionals and high profile people. Esha Gupta as a model provided a slightly sexy and modern touch to the ad. Something that will clearly appeal to India's modern women. She is considered as an icon in fashion and stands for modernism and being confident about a woman's sexuality - something we know that is still a challenge encountered by some Indian women.

While opening its doors to much more modern clothing. still honors the traditional customs and beliefs espoused by Indian women. The online store also offers traditional clothes such as sarees for women as well traditional garb for men. What's great about it is that both men and women can easily choose between modern and regular offerings. Choosing from different styles, colors, cuts and genres is also a breeze with Yepme's easy to follow navigation and user-friendly interface.

Shop to Your Heart's Content at Yepme! As India's first online shopping portal, Yepme is opening so many doors for the country's young adults and professionals. They can now have the option to shop for fashionable and modern clothes that are rarely found in local shopping centers. They can share the same styles and cuts as those from Western countries. The site offers easy payment systems, great customer support which can be accessed 24/7 as well as a 30-day returns policy. Having Esha Gupta as one of their endorsers and models is also a plus. She has tons of fans both in India and abroad and her beauty and allure has caused her to become one of the top fashion icons everywhere! Shoppers now have the opportunity to buy clothes which were handpicked by Esha Gupta in the 2014 women's collection of Yepme. If you haven't tried it yet, go online and start shopping now.

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