King Water Damage Repair Services in Malibu

Malibu, CA, June 19, 2014 --( King Water Damage is pleased to announce that it now provides its excellent repair services to residents of Malibu who have experienced damage resulting from a water incident. Whether it is a serious flood, burst pipe or malfunctioning HVAC system, no job is too large or too small for the immediate response of the recovery team. They understand the kind of stress a home or business owner experiences when having to deal with such a situation.

There are phone operators on duty 24/7 every day of the year to dispatch a work crew. They are committed to arriving on site within 30 minutes of the initial call. These professionals will immediately assess the full extent of the damage and prepare a free estimate so there are no surprises. For the quote to be realistic, the team will explore under flooring, behind walls and ceilings and poke into all those little used spaces such as attics and crawlspaces.

Services Available
No matter what size the affected space in an apartment, house or commercial building, the services are basically the same:
• Remove the water as quickly as possible
• Dry all surfaces using air movers and blowers
• Dehumidify to eliminate all the excess moisture
• Use air scrubbers to remove harmful particulates
• Identify and remove any contaminants such as mildew, mold or sewage substances
• Remove debris such as soaked dry wall, insulation and carpets
• Disinfect and deodorize affected space

The work team knows there is the possibility of serious structural damage if the water sits too long. Also, stagnant water and even moisture give rise to serious health concerns in the form of mildew and mold. They work as efficiently as possible with state-of-the-art equipment and technology. When the job is finished, the space and its fixed contents will be fully restored to pre-damage condition.

Work Team Qualifications
King Water Damage is proud of its employees who are all licensed and bonded. They have received the necessary knowledge and skills from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification to identify all sources of water, contain the damage, assess the risk of contamination and implement decontamination procedures if necessary. All their work is done in accordance with industry standards.

Contact King Water Damage
King Water Damage is an established, reputable company. It has arrangements for direct billing with many insurance companies or it accepts credit cards. Check out the details of services and online discounts and specials for water damage Malibu for website or phone 310-894-8191.

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King Water Damage Repair Services In Malibu
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