Instart Logic Revolutionizes Application Delivery with Software-Based Approach

Mountain View, CA, June 20, 2014 --( Instart Logic, the Cloud Application Delivery Service for performance-obsessed organizations, announced that it has published a white paper to introduce a new concept that redefines application delivery. “Software-defined application delivery (SDAD)” represents a completely re-engineered approach to application delivery that finally brings faster performance, control and extensibility to a long-static industry.

Application Delivery: A Market Ripe for Disruption
The application infrastructure market has seen incredible innovation in the past few years. Companies are building increasingly personalized, dynamic applications that need to be accessible on any device, and connected via a wireless access network. The market has also seen large investments in application serving infrastructure such as scale-out data centers, low-latency storage and software-defined networking. All this is meant to impact web performance with the intention of engaging users through a superb experience that can drive revenue and impact other key business metrics.

Despite these innovations and changes to the technology landscape, delivery infrastructure — namely, content delivery networks (CDNs) — has seen only modest incremental improvements over the past decade. They were architected for an environment that predated the explosion of web-enabled devices and wireless access networks, and at a time when the primary challenge was solving for the physical distance from origin to the edge of the Internet closest to the end user. These network/hardware-centric solutions were never designed to solve the new performance challenges inherent in access over a wireless last mile and end-user device diversity. A new architectural approach is required — one that relies on intelligent software as the foundation of an end-to-end solution that takes into account the Internet, the wireless last mile, the device and the application itself to improve performance for the user. For organizations, this improved performance translates to increased revenue, customer satisfaction and competitive advantage.

Software-Defined Application Delivery: A New Approach for a New World
As its name suggests, “software-defined application delivery,” or SDAD, is a software-based, disruptive architectural approach that provides three key technology benefits never before attained with traditional application delivery technologies:

Performance — radically faster web application performance, especially on mobile devices and across 3G/4G/WiFi networks
Control — fine-grained, on-the-fly control of applications and resources and centralized management
Extensibility — rapid development of new software-driven services and the ability to absorb new standards, capabilities and protocols in a seamless manner

Instart Logic's Cloud Application Delivery Service is the first SDAD offering in the market. It is designed to solve the device diversity (use of various wireless devices and device form factors), wireless last-mile and distance challenges that compromise the user experience today.

While the company has been tackling these issues since its founding in 2010, its unwavering commitment to innovation has yielded two new capabilities, announced today, that focus specifically on the device diversity challenge: SmartVision and InstantLoad. These capabilities improve performance by using intelligent software to abstract application performance from the underlying device, network and browser.

“Content delivery networks were architected and built for the simpler web 1.0 world of the past,” said Manav Mital, CEO, Instart Logic. “Today’s application environment is much more complex and heterogeneous, and it demands a new architectural approach. We believe that intelligent software, as embodied by software-defined application delivery, is the right architecture for now and the future.”
Instart Logic
Corinna Krueger