Instart Logic Announces Two Industry-First Software Innovations That Improve Web Application Delivery Performance Up to 50%

Mountain View, CA, June 20, 2014 --( Instart Logic, the Cloud Application Delivery Service for performance-obsessed organizations, announced InstantLoad cache optimization and SmartVision, a new computer vision-based image analysis technology. These industry-first technology innovations are the latest additions to Instart Logic’s unique software-defined application delivery service. The patent-pending new features could improve application performance up to 50 percent across all device form factors.

InstantLoad leverages Instart Logic’s client-cloud architecture and browser caching improvements defined by HTML5 to accelerate web application performance. HTML5 browsers now include several different caching and storage mechanisms, each with their own performance and capacity characteristics. InstantLoad provides an abstraction layer that insulates the developer and the application from the complexity of using these different caching capabilities, and uses real-time intelligence to optimize how each element of an application (such as an image or code fragment) are placed in different tiers of a browser cache. This improves application performance by reducing load times for each component. InstantLoad’s capability is particularly useful for SaaS applications that use a lot of JavaScript and CSS — content types that are critical to fast page load performance and typically directed to the slowest cache in default browser configurations. InstantLoad redirects heavily-used JavaScript and CSS to faster caches, immediately delivering visibly faster page response.

SmartVision is a new technology that enhances Instart Logic’s Image Streaming service feature. SmartVision uses advanced computer vision algorithms to analyze the content of an image and determine how much of an image must be initially streamed for a user to recognize the image on their device without perception of degraded image quality. This allows web applications to send up to 70 percent less image data to the browser for initial loads, reducing time-to-interaction even as the full image quality data continues streaming down in the background to provide a full fidelity experience.

“When our users wait for an image to load or for a page element to show up on their mobile device, we lose money for every millisecond wasted and they order less or nothing at all,” said Eric Marston, CTO and co-founder, DAILYLOOK. “The new SmartVision technology is a tremendously powerful tool to help us boost conversions and delight customers without making any changes to our infrastructure or application, whatsoever.”

Application performance affects the key business metrics (e.g. revenue, customer acquisition and customer satisfaction) of companies spanning a wide variety of sectors, including online retail, travel and hospitality, media and entertainment, SaaS, gaming, and financial services. These breakthroughs in software-enabled application intelligence validate the decision by a growing number of leading web application brands to abandon legacy content delivery network (CDN) and hardware-based application delivery technologies in favor of new software-based application delivery services. As the first software-defined application delivery service in the market, Instart Logic’s Cloud Application Delivery Service solves the critical challenges facing web application publishers today: device diversity, dynamic and personalized data, and wireless network congestion.

“The future of application delivery is being driven by software and algorithms,” said Peter Blum, Vice President of Product Management, Instart Logic. “The strong customer responses we’ve seen to InstantLoad and SmartVision are prime examples of how software-based approaches are trumping older hardware-centric approaches like CDNs, WAN optimization and ADCs.”

With more than 25 patents pending, Instart Logic has established itself as one of the leading technology innovators in the application delivery space. Instart Logic is also PCI Level 1-compliant and able to serve even the most sensitive data and transactional applications from its global network of data centers.
Instart Logic
Corinna Krueger