Tri-County Humane Society Executive Director Appointed to National Board

St. Cloud, MN, June 20, 2014 --( Vicki Davis, Executive Director of Tri-County Humane Society in St. Cloud has accepted a nomination to the Board of Directors of the National Federation of Humane Societies. This group meets typically six times each year, most frequently via conference call with one in-person meeting each year in conjunction with the Annual Membership Meeting and Board Elections. Five Board members are elected each year to serve on a full Board of sixteen members.

Previously Ms. Davis served as a member of the NFHS and worked on the best practices committee. As a board member, she will help to guide the Federation’s direction and focus. She offers the board representation of the smaller shelters, most who don’t have the resources to be “state of the art”, but want to offer “state of the art” care and services for animals.

Active in a variety of regional and national groups, Ms. Davis is also a founding member and serves on the board of MnPAW (Minnesota Partnership in Animal Welfare).

About National Federation of Humane Societies
The NFHS is a trade federation dedicated to representing and advocating for the interests of local animal welfare organizations, animal shelters, rescue groups and animal care and control agencies. The members truly believe this federation for the animal welfare community has tremendous potential to improve animal sheltering and make a real difference in the lives of companion animals.

About Tri-County Humane Society
Tri-County Humane Society (TCHS) is a private, non-profit, independently operated shelter that believes in the human/animal bond and exists to support Central Minnesota by practicing and promoting quality adoption services and education programs. TCHS gives temporary care to homeless animals until such time as they can be adopted into new families. Animals come to TCHS through surrenders and transfers from shelters that are full or less-trafficked. Medical services are provided for animals that require it as well as altering in keeping with TCHS’ Spay/Neuter initiative. The tremendous success rate of adoptions (up to 83 animals adopted in one week!) is due to a terrific support system made up of staff, a governing board of directors and many, many volunteers dedicated to a clean, cheerful, healthy, and inviting atmosphere for both animals and people.
Tri-County Humane Society
Vicki Davis