Arianna Huffington Talks Tennis, Thriving and Sleeping Your Way to the Top, in an Interview for Courtgirl Tennis Lifestyle Magazine

Arianna Huffington was interviewed by Courtgirl Tennis Magazine (

New York, NY, June 20, 2014 --( Arianna Huffington was interviewed by Courtgirl Tennis Magazine (, where she talked about tennis, her book Thrive and the benefits of sleep.

"Beyond the release, joy, and camaraderie, tennis has a lot to teach us about something that is essential to the Thrive philosophy, and that was best summed up in an interview Charlie Rose did with Andy Murray. Charlie described what it was like watching Murray and other great pro players: 'You see the ball coming off the racket . . . it almost looks like slow motion.' What a great image to hold in mind: a performer at the top of his game — rested, recharged, and focused; time slowing down, the ball moving in slow motion, allowing him or her to make the best decision and execute it. In a rushed, harried, stressed out state, the onslaught of what we have to do can go by in a jumbled blur. But rested and focused, what’s coming next appears to slow down, allowing us to manage it with calm and confidence. And that’s at the heart of the Thrive philosophy," Arianna told Courtgirl Magazine.

She goes on to reveal excerpts from her book and gives invaluable advice to anyone desiring to improve their quality of being. She cites creativity, wisdom and wonder as key components of living a fuller more connected life, and advocates sleep as an integral tool towards a health and wellness.

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