E.L. Hatton Sales Co. Introduces Customers to the New Improved PowerPunch - an Alternative to the Benchtop Grommet Press

E.L. Hatton Sales Co. (http://www.bannerups.com/), a manufacturer committed to providing time and cost effective finishing solutions for banner makers, introduces a new and improved version of its popular Banner Ups PowerPunch.

Wellington, OH, June 21, 2014 --(PR.com)-- PowerPunch is a heavy duty hole punch designed specifically to work with Banner Ups PowerTape and PowerTabs as well as its other banner finishing tabs. PowerPunch is very durable and light in weight making it convenient, portable, and easy to use. However, the punch will cut easily through thick banner media, tabs, and tape easily and efficiently.

E.L. Hatton Sales Co. offers a unique selection of innovative products. In order to allow its customers to create banners that can withstand high winds, E.L. Hatton Sales Co. advocates that customers choose PowerTabs or EdgeTabs for more effective results instead of using metal or plastic grommets to hold up banners. Using this system, including the new PowerPunch, eliminates the need for a benchtop grommet press as metal or plastic grommets are completely unneeded. According to the E.L. Hatton Sales Co.’s president, Rick Hatton, “Customers often ask us for recommendations on how to punch holes through banner corners. Now we have a great solution,” explained Hatton. “The PowerPunch will have lots of uses around the shop. It’s powerful but unlike a benchtop grommet press, it is portable and much less expensive.”

The new improved PowerPunch is even more useful because of its new wider jaw that can cut through not only Banner Ups products but also easily cuts corrugated Plastic and Foam board up to 4.5mm thick.

About E.L. Hatton Sales Co.

E.L. Hatton Sales Co. provides banner studios and other customers with an alternative to using metal or plastic grommets, sewing welding, and other old style banner-making methods. E.L. Hatton Sales Co. provides its clientele with products that are easier to use, less expensive, and more and stronger than traditional methods. BannerUps products offer a superior solution compared to metal or plastic grommets just cannot do the trick.

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To learn more about all the products offered at E.L. Hatton Sales Co., visit their website at: http://www.bannerups.com . Or if would like to see video demonstrations of the amazing properties of Banner Ups products please visit the company’s video page at: http://www.bannerups.com/videos.aspx.

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