Fecteau is Deeply Concerned with the Introduction of Military Advisers Into Iraq

Providence, RI, June 20, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Statement from Congressman Cicilline’s Democratic Congressional Opponent Matt Fecteau:

“Unlike my democratic congressional opponent, David Cicilline, I am an Iraq war veteran and gravely alarmed my opponent does not understand, or appreciate the costs associated with war.

"With that being said, I am exceptionally concerned with the introduction of US troops into Iraq. The Iraq war has cost too many lives, and too much treasure. We need to tread cautiously. The Iraqis need to resolve the crisis through dialogue and reconciliation, military support will only bolster the Shia dominated central government’s credibility and further agitate the Sunni populace. We need to support conditions conducive to reconciliation and I do believe the introduction of troops is the answer."

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Matt Fecteau for Congress
Matt Fecteau