Moscow Data Center DataSpace Becomes a Platform for InfoboxCloud

Moscow, Russia, June 22, 2014 --( Russia´s most reliable data center DataSpace, certified for compliance with Tier III Facility standard, became a site for the launch of the InfoboxCloud platform provided by hosting company Infobox.

Infobox has been delivering cloud hosting services based on the Parallels Automation platform under the InfoboxCloud brand name since 2013. In response to the growing popularity of cloud solutions among large corporate customers, requiring increased security levels of the platform, the company decided to open an additional location for InfoboxCloud in Moscow data center DataSpace.

DataSpace is one of the few Russian commercial data centers certified to Tier III standard on both levels: Design Documentation (for compliance of project documentation to Uptime Institute Tier III standard) and Constructed Facility (verification of the data center infrastructure being concurrently maintainable).

The data centers certified to Tier III standard have the redundancy necessary to keep its facility fully operational for planned maintenance, repair and replacement of any key component of the infrastructure at any time without interrupting the customers´ load . The maximum allowable downtime in service operation does not exceed 1.6 hours per year (less than 0.02% of the total operating time of a data center).

Aleksey Bakhtiarov, CEO of Infobox: "Our goal is to make Infobox cloud hosting as secure as possible. Therefore, we have chosen the most reliable Russian data center for InfoboxCloud new location. By using the advantages of DataSpace facility state-of-the-art security system combined with the achieved highest international standards set by the global data center authority the Uptime Institute, our partners can now create custom solutions without inflating prices for the end consumer."

DataSpace CEO David Hamner commented: "We are excited that InfoboxCloud platform has selected DataSpace colocation facility in Moscow as a platform for their public cloud. The highest levels of reliability and security offered exclusively by DataSpace ensures that InfoboxCloud platform is in fact the first Russian enterprise-class public cloud. All of us are very pleased to work with InfoBox and look forward to watching them succeed."


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About DataSpace

Russian colocation provider DataSpace is one of the largest operators of commercial data centers on the Moscow market. The first data center DataSpace1 with an area of 3,000 sq.m (12 data halls for 1,100 racks) is located in the center of Moscow, 15 minutes from the Kremlin. In 2011, DataSpace1 was successfully audited and certified by the Uptime Institute for compliance with Tier III Facility standard. DataSpace offers a selection of telecom and IT service suppliers with a flexible approach and partnerships with all major licensed providers. DataSpace priority is data center operational sustainability and a high level of customer support. DataSpace clients include major Russian and international financial and telecommunications companies.

About Infobox

Infobox is a leading hosting provider in Russia that has been operating for over 12 years. The range of Infobox services includes web hosting, virtual dedicated servers and innovative cloud infrastructure for hosting customers´ web projects, applications and IT-infrastructure.

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