Pathology Diagnostics Ltd (PDL) Launches Social Media Presence Online

Cambridge, United Kingdom, June 22, 2014 --( Having already established itself as one of the leaders in its industry, Pathology Diagnostics is continuing to grow from strength to strength – evolving into a formidable organisation within its market space. Wanting to showcase its employee expertise (both academic and industry-applied) and reputation as industry thought leaders, Pathology Diagnostics has now embarked upon establishing a social media presence.

Having recently launched corporate Twitter, Facebook and Google+ profiles, next on its agenda will be the creation of a regular industry blog where relevant and topical issues from the biomedical industry will be discussed and disseminated. Also, the scientific media community should keep an eye out for the near-future launch of Pathology Diagnostics’ YouTube media channel – where not only will it be possible to see the inner workings of a digital pathology laboratory, but the scientists responsible for the breakthrough diagnostics work will be able to speak directly to the public – explaining exactly why what they do is so vital and critical to medical research and development.

Until only fairly recently, the idea of a medical research laboratory being accessible via social media would have been considered unusual and perhaps maybe even unwise; but with public curiosity piqued in recent years by how tissue testing and biomarker advances are improving the lives of millions of people globally – it seems like a perfect opportunity to lift the veil on what goes on behind closed lab doors in this fascinating and innovative field.

To find out more about Pathology Diagnostics news and events via its social media, follow @PathoDiagnostic on Twitter, ‘Like’ Pathology Diagnostics on Facebook or add PathologyDiagnostics to your Google+ circles.
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