Drone / UAV Law Course Now Available from Unmanned Vehicle University

A selection of 22 hours of lectures on Drone/UAV Law.

Phoenix, AZ, June 22, 2014 --(PR.com)-- This course will survey the rapidly evolving field of the law governing the use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (“UAS”) in the national airspace (“NAS”). The course will proceed based on six “modules” addressing various aspects of the new field of UAS Law. These modules are: (1) Emerging FAA Regulatory Framework; (2) Government Use of UAS and the Fourth Amendment – State Regulation of Government and Commercial UAS; (3) Tort Liability for UAS Operations; (4) Emerging Frameworks for UAS and Privacy; and (5) Overview of Intellectual Property Issues for the UAS Industry. Upon successful completion of the course, the student will have a working knowledge of the legal issues relevant to the UAS industry. After viewing all materials we will send you the professional certificate.

Module One: Emerging FAA Regulatory Framework

Course introduction and overview; FAA Modernization and Reform Act;
COA and SAC-EC process;
FAA privacy requirements at UAS test sites;
FAA UAS “roadmap”;
Overview of U.S. Common Law; “Who Owns the Air?” – U.S. v. Causby;
Cases Following U.S. v. Causby.
FAA Enforcement Activity: FAA v. Pirker: Complaint, Motion to Dismiss
FAA Response to Pirker’s Motion, Pirker’s Reply
Interview with Pirker’s Attorney.

Module Two: Government Use of UAS and the Fourth Amendment; State Regulation ofGovernment and Commercial UAS
Introduction to the Fourth Amendment; Olmstead v. U.S.; Katz v. U.S.
U.S. v. Jones; Senate Hearing on “Drones”
Interview with Prof. Adam Watts (Desert Research Institute).
Oliver v. U.S.; California v. Ciraolo; Presentation by Mr. Steven M. Hogan to FSU Aviation and Space Law Society.
State Regulation of UAS – Presentation by Mr. Steven M. Hogan to Precision Agriculture Conference in Tifton, GA held by the AUVSI Atlanta Chapter (Case Study: Florida’s UAS Law)
Dow Chemical v. U.S.

Module Three: Tort Liability for UAS Operations
Overview of what tort law is and why each state generally follows the same legal pattern
Potential sources of civil liability; municipal and government immunity for contractors; conflicts of law.
Invasion of privacy torts: trespass/nuisance; intrusion upon seclusion; publication of private facts; stalking/harassment; UAS and business privacy; privacy vs. the First Amendment in newsgathering operations.

Module Four: New Frameworks for UAS and Privacy
The Villasenor hypothesis: predicting how privacy law may evolve along with new
Technology in light of U.S. Supreme Court jurisprudence.
Voluntary approaches to mitigate privacy issues; federal legislative options; state and local legislation and the scope of preemption; the problem with legislating about emerging technology.

Module Five: Intellectual Property Overview
Overview of IP law; patents; copyrights; trademarks; how to protect yourself and your company in emerging tech fields.

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