Lime Light Partners with ExactConversion - Personalization Increasingly Important for Websites

Lime Light CRM partners with to increase conversions and personalization for e-commerce websites.

Salt Lake City, UT, June 22, 2014 --( Lime Light CRM has partnered with landing page and conversion experts allows clients to build and test landing pages which can easily be integrated into Lime Light CRM. Clients using running personalization campaigns see an average increase between 50% and 350%.

Websites have less than 5 seconds to capture a visitor’s attention, which is one reason why the industry average for conversions is around 2%. is a conversion and analytics tool that allows a website or mobile device to show customized, targeted content based on the keywords people use to find the site through a search engine. It can also be customized by other variables such as affiliates, keywords, referrers, geography, Adwords, bing Adcenter, facebook & twitter, social data, and U.S. census data to increase conversions.

This makes your site’s content relevant to the behavior of your visitors. Your website becomes personalized to each visitor. Each visitor feels that the site is more relevant to them. The experience is also better because they find content directly related to their search. That product may be on the front page instead of buried six clicks deep. This reduces bounce rates, makes the site more engaging, and increases conversions.

Visitors have little patience for digging through a website, especially if it’s a mobile site and they have fat fingers. Lime Light CRM and both work with e-commerce companies and are now working together to provide a more streamlined experience for their clients.

About is a Utah-based company focused on increasing conversions from all traffic to a clients website. The founders of the company previously ran a shopping cart company and saw the need for clients to easily be able to set up landing pages and test different versions, prices and offerings using techniques such as exit pop and product upsells. The company is based in Salt Lake City, but has a presence in Hong Kong, New York and Paris.

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About Lime Light CRM

Lime Light CRM, innovative solution built by marketers for marketers, keeps simplicity, functionality, and cost-effectiveness as high priorities in this fast paced industry and it is today one of the leading and most trusted providers of CRM, continuity base processing and campaign management solutions. They understand the unique needs of a direct response marketer and provide flexibility and transparency to increase your return on investment.

Lime Light CRM helps marketers streamline the creation and management of direct marketing campaigns generating high volume transactions across multiple countries, and accepting most major currencies; all this through the use of proven marketing strategies, the automation of daily tasks and the integration of third party providers that effectively help to optimize the time and monetize the data.

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