Life and Legends: Birth of a Magazine

Life and Legends is a multilingual, online literary magazine published by the Silent River Film and Literary Society in the US, created by poet and filmmaker Kalpna Singh-Chitnis.

Irvine, CA, June 25, 2014 --( After the birth of the Silent River Film Festival in 2011, and giving three successful years to it in a row, Silent River Film and Literary Society now marks the beginning of a new poetic journey by announcing Life and Legends, an online magazine, to the literary community of the world and readers from across the globe.

Life and Legends, primarily a poetry magazine in English, will also be publishing other forms of literature in several different languages with their English translations, to stimulate creative conversations on what is being written in our world today; and help understand the relevance and importance of such works by sharing them with the readers internationally.

Life and Legends in its inaugural issue brings literature from 18 countries in 9 different languages; publishing some of the most acclaimed writers in the world, along with many promising new writers and poets.

For upcoming issues of the magazine, Life and Legends invites contributing editors and writers from all parts of the world to bring and share literature in their own language on its shared platform, to bridge the gap between East and West and exchange meaningful dialogues.

Editor-in-Chief Kalpna Singh-Chitnis, (a poet, writer and a filmmaker) calls this magazine “A humble effort to bring poets and writers of the world together, to contribute positively through their writings, and touch the earth and sky to heal, one poetry, one story at a time.”

“Life and Legends” was officially launched on June 12th, 2014, and will be published bi-annually. It will be available for the readers at -

Life and Legends
Irvine, CA, USA
June 21st, 2014.
Silent River Film and Literary Society
Athina Merkouris