Helprace Introduces Online Communities for Fast Growing Businesses

Helprace by Satisware, a cloud-based customer service software suite is setting a new standard in application framework which is designed to lead the way in the introduction of future products. Today Helprace is proud to announce the release of a community platform as part of the initial product offering. Motivated by the desire to offer complete, engaging customer experiences, the integrated community redefines customer-company relationships going forward.

Chicago, IL, June 25, 2014 --( Helprace announced today the unveiling of a brand-new community, built completely from the ground up to allow community members and business owners alike to clearly see the value gained from a dedicated customer experience hub. Helprace is proud to announce that the community is up and running, ready to offer engaging customer experiences and a chance for businesses to position themselves in line with customer expectations.

The definition of customer service is rapidly changing. In the world of multichannel customer support, many companies juggle between a variety of customer service channels such as email, phone and various forms of social media. Customers and companies alike are pushing forward to change the landscape of customer service towards seamless, interruption-free and subscription-based models in order to simplify the user experience.

With a Helprace community, businesses finally have the right tools to create hubs for support, marketing, promotion and the gathering of user feedback. Most importantly, companies are expected to engage users quickly and seamlessly, with no disruptions. The community admin panel is flexible enough to allow for everything from collecting customer feedback to quick intervention at times of difficult customer service situations.

What does the community do?

Businesses are realizing that a successful community acts as an extension of support and as a catalyst towards understanding the customer. Savvy business owners recognize that by establishing online communities they can position their companies to make use of customer objective metrics to drive company marketing and sales strategies. Essentially, the Helprace community empowers organizations to intervene at the time of pre-sale, conversion, recovery or any other crucial stage of customer life cycle that businesses can't afford to miss.

The Helprace community solution revolutionizes the roles of its participants, which can be grouped into two categories: The customer, whether potential or existing; as well as the business and its stakeholders.

The role of the customer

The role of the customer in the service process is always changing. Since today’s social customer expects to engage directly with other participants and company employees, organizations need to harness customer interaction as seamlessly as possible though their online channels. In this way, customer communities hold invaluable benefits for forward-thinking companies who look beyond the community as a stand-alone solution and instead as a tool of metrics, gauging customer trends and driving the company forward.

The role of the business

Helprace understands the importance of the agent interface and its impact on customer support. The admin panel catches community activity in real-time so that team members provide swift responses immediately, when they matter most. Helprace enables community managers to triage, rank and engage all team members in the many stages of the support process. Additionally, a singular control panel allows for team collaboration when tackling particularly difficult customer service requests.

The value of a community experience

The search-engine is an instrumental traffic driver for both business websites and the Helprace community itself. It’s estimated that today, at least 1/3 of all community traffic originate from search engine requests made during end-users' awareness phase. This statistic demonstrates importance of swift transition from awareness to engagement and eventually conversion leading up to a sale.

“The customer service experience doesn’t end when the customer hands over the money, either,” states Gregory Koldirkaev, CEO at Helprace. “Rather, the customer service experience is born in the community and needs to be curated and built upon constantly.”

The value a community brings to a company goes far beyond the perceived final goal of a satisfied customer. There is a real and definite value that a community brings out from a transitional customer – that is, a curative effort along every step of the customer journey.


“The fast-changing pace of the internet has spawned a new generation of companies who take self-service very seriously. This is what inspired us to focus on developing our community platform” said Gregory Koldirkaev, CEO at Helprace. “The changing customer demands of our time push us to look far beyond brand communities. Modern customers expect intuitive feedback solutions that at the same time provide businesses with metrics, insights and customer patterns necessary to align business ideals with the customer.”

Today’s launch of the Helprace community is a milestone which will be built upon in the coming months. Helprace is setting the pace for revolutionary innovations in the customer service product offering, gradually rolling out features of importance to businesses across the board.

About Helprace

Helprace, a customer service software suite, was founded in 2011 to modernize customer-company interaction. Helprace has always believed that offering memorable customer support should be as easy as checking email and understanding customers even easier. With an intuitive community and feedback form at customers’ disposal and a simple helpdesk layout for team members, Helprace is ready to use. There’s no lengthy setup guides, installation manuals or IT settings to take care of. Learn more at or give Helprace a try for free /helprace/sign-up

About Satisware

Satisware is a parent company of Helprace. Satisware is a startup company committed to streamlining customer experiences, while offering the most comprehensive enterprise solutions for the modern business.
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