ViennaCC Surprises with Music Video "Dreamgirl"

The Vienna based musician ViennaCC releases music video "Dreamgirl," the title song of his latest album. After half a minute he lifts the secret about the girl in his dream.

Vienna, Austria, June 25, 2014 --( The story is simple: ViennaCC is sitting in the grass dreaming about a dream girl.

ViennaCC: "People wonder who the girl in my dream might be. The truth is surprising."

After about half a minute of the music video it turns out that his dream girl is a pug dog.

ViennaCC: "For such a music video usually a musician would pose with a sexy girl by his side. I wanted to put a gag in the video. I hug a small, cute looking dog. By the way, the dog is female. It's name is Lola. The dog is not trained for film shots. It was not easy to make the dog act according to our script. We did many takes of the same action. We had a plan but we also made many spontaneous shots."

The video shots were taken on two sunny days in the Vienna Woods. People looked wondering at the musician lying down into the grass, jumping up and repeating some words of the lyrics many times. There was a scene where the dog should lick ViennaCC's face. He put dog food on his cheek and pointed with his finger on the food to make the dog to lick it.

ViennaCC: "I was so hungry, but the dog food smelled so awful. In the evening I still had that smell in my nose and could not eat."

ViennaCC played in bands with various genres, from hardrock to dance music. ViennaCC's goal is short and melodious songs, with a kick of 60s style, but with modern sounds and sound effects. Musical roots are beat, pop and indierock. ViennaCC's goal to record songs that sound like the Beatles would sound today.

ViennaCC lives in Vienna, Austria, a bohemian lifestyle enjoying music and video production. ViennaCC: "I loathe stress. A waltz in my mind, but a rock guitar in my hand."

ViennaCC was 2x nominated for a New Music Award in Hollywood, awarded a medal by the International Society of Photographers and reached the semi-final at "Song of the year"-contest in Nashville.

See video on YouTube:
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