Lujosh Ventures Limited Release a Mobile App for All Churches to Use with Their Members

Lagos, Nigeria, June 26, 2014 --( Sharing and passing some information to the members of some churches and Christian gathering fellowships or associations on the move remain a challenge to a lot of churches. Information such as sermons, devotionals, teachings, events etc. when shared with members of a church on the move makes the member closer to what is going on in the church.

An information and communication Technology company in Nigeria with the name Lujosh Ventures Limited, develop and release a mobile app that churches can now use to share and pass information across to the members on the move with their mobile phones. This mobile app for churches has version for android, blackberry, windows, iPhone and iPad.

The mobile app is already on all these mobile platform stores, the mobile app is called One Church mobile app. Those that do not want to go through the mobile app stores, can just visit the website- to download the version for their mobile phones. The mobile app is free for download by any member of any church that wants to use this church mobile app.

This is how this mobile app works, the church that is interested contacts the developer of the apps via for an online account where they will upload all their information in line with different categories of features. The church will be given a name for their members to enter such as the church name when they open the installed version of the one church mobile app on their phones, with this the church member will be getting all information upload by the church in their account. There is a 30 days free trial for any church that is interested in subscribing.

One church mobile app has some features which all churches do use such as: Prayer wall, sermon, Devotional, live streaming, Teaching, video, location and map, Event display, search etc. The benefits of this one church mobile app include the following but is not limited to them:

• Church can upload and share unlimited information with members anywhere, anytime
• Church can upload and share sermon, devotions, prayer points, Teaching etc with members right there on their mobile phones
• Members can see upcoming and past Events of the church right there on their phone.
• Members can watch live streaming of the events in the church.
• Members can watch videos of church activities and listen to audio of messages
• Church location can be traced out by the map for anyone
• Church can pass emergence or fast notification to all members using the push Notification
• Church can give the details of their various ministries and departments
• Church can share their social media link, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc. for their members to follow.
• Church can share any announcement and all other information on the News section of this mobile app with their members.

The one church mobile app has been getting good reviews on the mobile app store from those that have downloaded it and use it. Its time for your church to take advantage of this too in reaching out to their members.
Lujosh Ventures Limited
Olu Joshua