Doggy Doo Poo Removal Brings Dog Waste Removal to Orange County

Walden, NY, June 27, 2014 --( Doggy Doo Poo Removal, is excited to announce their new Dog waste removal Service. “Starting a new business is always a bit frightening,” said Mark Ojeda, owner. “But when I looked at the health risks associated with dog feces and lack of services offered locally, starting a dog waste removal service just makes sense. This is such an exciting and rewarding opportunity for us to clean up our community while allowing busy dog owners more time to spend enjoying life and time with loved ones!”

Doggy Doo Poo Removal is featuring one-time only, monthly, and yearly service for residences, homeowners associations, apartments, condominiums, parks, bike paths, and special events. All Waste is picked up double bagged and removed in accordance with local laws and EPA standards and all tools and clothing is properly sanitized before and after entering pet waste areas.

With dog feces carrying serious health risks, to both dog and owner the longer dog waste stays on the ground, the greater the chance of contamination. Removing the spread of bacteria, worms and other parasites that live in dog feces must be dealt with timely and routinely. Roundworm, Ringworm, and Salmonella are just a few bacteria found in dog waste that can be transferred to humans if contacted.

“The most responsible thing Orange County pet owners can do for the environment is to clean up after their pets,” said Ojeda. But many pet owners don’t have the time to deal with the muck themselves, or simply don’t want to get their hands dirty, and that’s where Doggy Doo Poo Removal steps in.

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About Doggy Doo Poo Removal:
Based in Walden, NY and Founded in 2014, Doggy Doo Poo Removal is a locally owned and operated dog waste removal service that comes to your home, business, or property routinely to pick up, and remove dog poop.
Doggy Doo Poo Removal
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