The Addictions Academy Releases National and State Credentialing Requirements

For years the public has been misled that there are boards or international groups that govern Interventionists and Recovery Coaches. Cali Estes, Founder of The Addictions Academy debunks the myth that boards exist.

Miami, FL, June 28, 2014 --( The Addictions Academy has announced national requirements and state requirements for Interventionists, Recovery Coaches and Addiction Coaches, debunking the myth of needing to register with a ‘board’ or group in the United States.

“For years the public has been misled that there are boards or international groups that govern Interventionists and Recovery Coaches,” Cali Estes, Founder said. “That is not the case. Each state is beginning to enact its own set of state regulations and rules complete with a state exam to register for state credentialing. There is no need to join an independent group to verify your credentials, unless you simply want to join a club.”

The Pennsylvania Certification Board has enacted the first CIP credential. The CIP credential requires a National Certification from an approved body, 1000-6000 experience hours, depending on level of education, 80-270 hours of education units in the discipline, 0-200 supervision hours and a state examination. Pennsylvania is the only state to offer the CIP currently and set forth a standardization for other states to follow. The CIP is available for anyone in any state at this time.

With Pennsylvania enacting the first standardization for interventionists, other states will follow for both intervention and Recovery Coaching. Currently The Addictions Academy is the only National organization that is able to offer CEU’s through both CAADAC and NAADAC and the coveted ISE endorsement. The Addictions Academy offers 6 full months of supervision with their Master Addiction Coaching Program and can provide both live courses and webinars for those that cannot travel.

“There are a few Recovery Coaching Certifications on the market but they are peer to peer, “Estes said.

“Our certification format is for Professionals, not peers, and is more involved and intensive. We are not to be confused with the Recovery Support Specialist (RSS), that a peer to peer certification. We wanted to create something that really changed the industry and allowed individuals to get solid credentials that will meet state requirements across the board, with full national recognition.”

The Addictions Academy provides elite certification for those seeking career credentials. By offering NAADAC and CAADAC continuing education units it is easy for a therapist, social worker, doctor, marriage and family counselor or drug and alcohol counselor to obtain their yearly CEU’s and learn a new skill that will increase their client base. For individuals that are new to the industry, the National Certifications are perfect for those that want to add credentials but can’t afford the time or money to go back to school for a full degree.

The Addictions Academy offers national certifications in Recovery Coaching I and II, Family Recovery Coaching, Food Addictions Coaching I and II, Gambling Addiction Coaching, Anger Management, Master Addictions Coaching Program (with 6 months of clinical supervision) Intervention and Advanced Clinical Intervention. They also offer business marketing classes and business branding classes for those that want to increase their client base.

The Addictions Academy is based out of Miami Florida and offers live and webinar classes and certifications.

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