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Fundraising Dinner Raises Over £1000 for Families in Pakistan

A fundraising dinner hosted by Azad restaurant on Monday 9th January, raised over £1000 for homeless families in Pakistan, victims of the October 2005 earthquake.

East Grinstead, United Kingdom, January 19, 2006 --( A fundraising dinner hosted by Azad restaurant on Monday 9th January, raised over £1000 for homeless families in Pakistan, victims of the October 2005 earthquake.

The dinner was supported by members of the East Grinstead Chamber of Commerce, local Scientology Volunteer Ministers, and by many local businesses and individual members of the community.

The 50 attendees at the dinner – the restaurant was packed to capacity - included two former East Grinstead mayors, Cllr Christine Mainstone and Cllr Alan Lord; and President of the East Grinstead Chamber of Commerce, Dale Bulbrook.

Organiser of the dinner Pat Kneller, said, "The co-operation and help I have experienced from local people in setting up this dinner and the 15 Collection boxes for Pakistan tents and supplies that are now in local shops has been very heart warming. My thanks go to Mr Azad Chuta, who hosted a splendid dinner, to the various local businesses who contributed with raffle prizes, the Scientology Volunteer Ministers, and involved members of the Chamber of Commerce. This is a real ongoing community effort. "

In addition to the money raised from ticket sales, a raffle was held with a wide variety of prizes, provided by: Homebase (a power drill and a remote control car); Jingles (a double album voice book by a famous race commentator); G & G (a £25.00 Vitamin Voucher); Phase 2 (a Hairdo voucher); Success Salon in town (a Hairdo Voucher); Ashdown Flowers (a plant); Azad restaurant (“Take Away “ voucher); individual members of the Church of Scientology (various); Lighthouse Bookshop (Narnia Book); Surprises (Garden Statue); and Nero Caffe (10 Coffee Vouchers).

One of the speakers at the dinner was Dr Nadeem Iqbal, originally from Pakistan and now working with the East Grinstead-based College for Naturopathic Medicine. Nadeem has been to Pakistan several times since the earthquake, and has visited the mountainous areas where in some villages there were no survivors at all, and where in others the survivors are still urgently in need of tents, blankets and food. The money raised by the dinner will be enough to purchase around 250 blankets, and Nadeem stressed that much more is needed.

Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce Dale Bulbrook added to this, suggesting that the East Grinstead community “adopt a village” in Pakistan, and carry out other fundraising activities to give help to these families. Already around 15 shops and businesses in East Grinstead have boxes for donations for Pakistan, and this is something that can be built on.

Fareeda Bulbrook, also originally from Pakistan but for many years living in East Grinstead, went to Pakistan soon after the earthquake struck, and stayed until recently, coordinating the work of the International Dianetics Assist Team. In addressing the dinner attendees, she explained how her team were able to help over 6,000 people so far, and train another 2,500 on “assists”, methods developed by Scientology founder L Ron Hubbard to help people recover from illness, injury and shock. She told of heart-warming stories of people who had been helped and who had their hopes and will to live restored, after being devastated by the loss of their loved ones. Fareeda will be returning to Pakistan soon, as there is much more work to be done, and she called for volunteers who would like to join her there. She is working with the Pakistan government and the Jumma and Kashmir government, representatives of which have asked for hundreds of people to be trained on the assist techniques and other disaster relief skills.

For more information about the International Dianetics Assist Team, call Fareeda Bulbrook at 01342 315 685.

Anyone wanting to give funds for Pakistan can do so in the following East Grinstead shops and business:

Homebase, Jingles, Wolfcat Computers, Clear Jewellery, G and G Shop, G and G Offices, Station Approach Newsagents, Newsagents London Road, PDC Printers, Bottoms Up, One Stop Photos, Clarkes and Thompsons, Shapla Takeway in Railway Approach, Bar Kuba, Dorset Arms

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