Paramount California University Conducts a Workshop for Collective Well-Being to Promote the Cause of Be the Change Campaign

Irvine, CA, June 29, 2014 --( Paramount California University has recently launched a campaign known as “Be the change” campaign and for promoting the motive behind it PCU is simply asking people from all over the world to incorporate one change in their lifestyle. To create awareness PCU conducted a small workshop to promote the cause of “Be the change.”

Paramount California University is spreading the message of positivity amongst all, urging people to be a part the recent campaign known as “Be the change”. This campaign is an initiative for those who have made their lives a machine and not considering living a little for themselves. Paramount California University wants to spread positivity all around the world with this initiative.

The motive behind the workshop is for the collective well-being so as to make everyone understand that individuals or a group of people who are optimistic can work together to reach collective goals and deal with difficult times together more clearly. With collective well-being and working together for spreading kindness will give immense pleasure to one's soul.

To spread the motive behind this campaign Paramount California University conducted a workshop. This workshop was arranged in a way that it would spread the lesson of collective well- being. Motive behind it was how little things can make a huge impact in your life and in others around you.

PCU started the promotion just recently “Be the change” campaign and in a small period of little time this campaign gained popularity, noticing the well-being through this initiative. People who have showed interest for incorporating little changes in their lives noticed positivity which is what exactly Paramount California University is aiming for.

Paramount California University‘s Be the change campaign is an effort made to eliminate negativity. This workshop addressed the need of running such campaigns. We are living in an age where global economic challenges are making the working class less humans and more robots.

PCU is reminding everyone the need to live a little by arranging symposiums, workshops and various activities on social media. People agreed to live a little are very happy with the little changes that they have made. These changes are small but give a meaning to life; it can be smiling at your colleague, or appreciating someone’s effort which was worth praising.

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