No Money Down Real Estate is Cash Flow Depot’s Latest Feature, an online real estate investor training company, announces its newest site feature, which is entitled No Money Down Real Estate. This new section of the site presents FAQs about risk free investments and non-cash transactions.

Dallas, TX, June 29, 2014 --( is on a roll this month as it offers new site features every day. Its most recent offering is a new section on the site that answers some of the most frequently asked questions about no money down real estate. This new page gives real estate investors the opportunity to learn about non-cash investments for free.

Some of the questions answered on the site include:

“How can you structure owner financing to eliminate big payments?”

“How can I buy a house with no cash?”

“When money is tight, how may an investor obtain a mortgage to buy an investment home?”

“How can you get financing on houses or property in areas that banks and savings and loans have red lined?”

These abovementioned questions are just 4 of the frequently asked questions addressed on the site. Since the page is free for viewing, real estate investors have the opportunity to learn valuable lessons on no money down real estate for free.

“You’ll probably hear a lot of fish stories about no money down real estate, but believe me, it does happen to some degree,” says owner and general manager, Jackie Lange. “Visit our new FAQ section so you can learn valuable lessons about no money down real estate, and apply these lessons into your real estate deals and transactions.” has been in the real estate education business for over 7 years. The company was a brainchild of Jackie Lange, who wanted to put Jack Miller’s real estate teachings, books and seminars online. The company offers over 45 years of real estate investing expertise because its instructors have been in the real estate business since the 70s and 80s. Cash Flow Depot brings to life the seminars of Jack Miller via audio and video recordings of these live events. member, S. J. says, “I am an active member of Cash Flow Depot and always listen to their weekly conference calls via Skype, every Tuesday night. Even with 18 year experience in real estate, the calls help me to stay up to date on current real estate events.”

Another site member, Dan from Sacramento, says, “Cash Flow Depot is without a doubt the best real estate website out there. Jack is the real deal. I especially like the video seminars in the depot, as well as the archives of conference calls on different subjects.”

No money down real estate is Cash Flow Depot’s newest site feature. This page is currently free for viewing. Non-cash transactions are discussed on this page as Cash Flow Depot answers some of the most frequently asked questions about this topic. Interested parties may visit or call Jackie Lange at 1-888-282-1882.

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