Daniel Levine: Unique Food Selections Are Always on Trend

The trends expert is seeing a rise in unusual food selections.

New York, NY, June 29, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Trends expert and keynote speaker Daniel Levine is reporting a rise in the bizarre food space. Niche eating is growing in popularity, and these unique foods are giving amazing opportunities to food enthusiasts.

“There are all kinds of food trends buzzing around right now,” says Daniel Levine. “There’s all-natural, farm-to-table, organic, sustainable, transparent ingredients, healthy choice- the list goes on and on. But while everyone is concerned with how food is husbanded and cultivated, there is also a thriving culture of flavor, creation, and preparation.”

Some food ideas aren’t particularly unique, but are new to Western culture. For example, bugs are starting to catch on as menu items at hip restaurants in New York and London. Plants are catching on too, with greens like garlic scapes and ramps causing a sensation in the food world. Other unique food ideas are reinterpretations of traditional food items, like pickled green strawberries and the hundreds of interpretations of bacon.

Some ideas, though, are even further out there. The 3-D printing trend has made its way to food, offering consumers the opportunity to eat items like chocolate and pasta straight from a multi-dimensional printer. There is a trend in food fusion, as traditional foods are combined to create hot items like the cronut or the crookie.

“A few years ago, grains like spelt and quinoa were unique and exotic, and now they’ve reached the mainstream,” says Daniel Levine. “These unique and sometimes bold eating efforts may seem unique at first, but they could catch on as part of a dietary plan or new approach to food. Today’s food trends are tomorrow’s standards, and these ideas offer amazing opportunities for the food enthusiast to try new sensations.”

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