Daniel Levine: Spirits Are Soaring as Liquor Gets Reexamined

The trends expert notes a shift in how hard alcohol is produced.

New York, NY, July 03, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Trends expert and keynote speaker Daniel Levine is seeing a shift in the spirit industry, as more producers join the space and try new ideas.

“The distilled liquor industry is becoming similar to the craft beer space,” says trends expert Daniel Levine. “Small scale producers are popping up and bigger operations are trying new approaches to generate new ideas and new flavors.”

Micro-distilleries continue to grow in popularity and frequency across the United States. Producers are creating small batch products and are distributing locally. The process is attracting huge attention, and these distilleries are becoming a popular tourist destination. This is encouraging a new breed of connoisseur, experts on certain types of liquor. It’s also creating a space for specified products, such as high-end whiskies distributed exclusively for Orthodox Jews.

Larger producers are taking note of the market shift and adapting accordingly. One effort to change means creating new flavors of alcohol, and a variety of vanillas, birthday cakes, raspberries, and other flavors are making their way into vodka. Distillers are also turning to healthy options in an effort to generate more interest. One of the largest rum producers in the world is going green, changing gradually to sustainable growing and production methods. Other producers are going further, creating products like organic cachaca and quinoa vodka.

“The name of the game right now in liquor production is differentiation,” says keynote speaker Daniel Levine. “Like in so many other categories, the same-old, same-old is no longer acceptable. Palettes are craving new flavors, new ideas, new producers, and new outlets. Enthusiasts have become the distillers and its revolutionizing the industry.”

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