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Award-winning Raptivity Announces Brand New 3D TurboPack - Enrich Content Presentation with 3D Objects and Virtual Worlds

Redmond, WA, October 20, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Harbinger Knowledge Products, the creator of award-winning Raptivity, has announced the release of Raptivity 3D TurboPack. This TurboPack offers interactions that use 3D objects and real-world metaphors. Trainers can now create learning experiences involving walk-through, journey, 3D object manipulation and more, using the familiar Raptivity toolset.

“In an era of Google Earth and Second Life, it is easy to imagine a learner hungry for 3D experiences in learning. However, it would be incredibly complex to build 3D from scratch. Fortunately, Raptivity provides a way to create custom learning interactions rapidly. The new 3D TurboPack leverages the Raptivity way, and simplifies 3D interaction building,” said Vikas Joshi, Chairman and Managing Director of Harbinger Group.

Raptivity 3D TurboPack includes 3D objects like cubes, 3D ebooks and panning cards which provide a non-conventional content navigation mechanism. Here, a 3D object acts as a visual navigator, leading to different sections of content. What is more, this pack also includes interactions like car driving, walk-through and peak climbing which simulate real-life experiences. Thus, the learner learns in a virtual world.

“We are glad that this new release comes close on the heels of Raptivity’s recognition with the prestigious Technology and Learning Excellence Award,” said Seema Chaudhary, Director, Business Development. “Raptivity users in over 35 countries can now leverage their learning curve and add more excitement to their training, because this 3D TurboPack works just like any other Raptivity pack. Users can create these high-end, complex 3D interactions with the same ease as any other interaction,” she added.

About Raptivity

With Raptivity, users can create interactivity rapidly and add it conveniently to their eLearning content. With interactive content, learning experiences become memorable and drop-out levels go down.

Raptivity provides a pre-built library of rapidly-customizable interaction models. These interaction models are based on the best practices in instructional design. Users can customize them to create any number of variations. The content published by Raptivity is a single flash file so it fits right into hundreds of eLearning tools and can be used anywhere. With its patent-pending technology and open architecture, Raptivity is at the forefront of rapid interactivity technology.

Raptivity recently won the eLearning Guild Platinum Award for highest user satisfaction in simulation tools category. Raptivity also won the Gold Award under games tools category.

About Harbinger Knowledge Products

Harbinger Knowledge Products, the creator of Raptivity, specializes in developing highly interactive eLearning content and tools. TrainingOutsourcing.com recognized Harbinger in global top 20 specialized learning process providers in 2006 and 2007. Harbinger was also short-listed for eLearning Awards 2006 by e.learning age, UK, in the ‘The most innovative new product in e-learning’ category. Harbinger is also short-listed for World of Learning Awards, UK, in the ‘Learning Innovation of the Year’ category.

For more information on Raptivity, visit www.raptivity.com.

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