Varvel, an Intern-Friendly Company

Varvel SpA, long-established company from Crespellano (Bologna, Italy) producing fixed and variable speed units for nearly sixty years, renews for 2014 the agreement with La Repubblica Degli Stagisti (the Republic of Interns) aimed to help introducing students and interns to the job market.

Bologna, Italy, July 09, 2014 --( Despite being in the middle of an unprecedented youth employment crisis, Varvel SpA, a bologna-based mechanical company for nearly sixty years specialized in the production of variators and reducers, renews for the sixth consecutive year the agreement with La Repubblica Degli Stagisti (the Republic of Interns) to help young students and undergraduates enter the job market.

The renewal is a further recognition of the great attention the industrial group pays towards students seeking first employment. Since 2009, Varvel SpA is awarded with the OK STAGE badge, which is bestowed upon companies that operates in total respect of student and intern rights, fostering job experiences and employment in accordance with the requirements provided within the Carta dei diritti degli Stagisti (Intern rights agreement) – whom the SME from Crespellano (BO) subscribes.

“We renew our support to La Repubblica Degli Stagisti hoping that increasingly more students will find an employment in so critical a situation within the job market – says Francesco Berselli, President of Varvel SpA – We will continue to work for our internships to become not only valid work experiences but also guiding formative moments representing the beginning of a brilliant career.”

This collaboration, commenced a year after the beginning of the general crisis in 2008, consists of policies actively supporting employment, pursued in accordance with Varvel SpA’s view – which sees youth employment as an opportunity to pursue development and growth.

“Investing in jobs and young employees means increasing the company’s competitiveness and is very important for the future of our group – says Mauro Cominoli, Managing Director of Varvel SpA – the agreement with La Repubblica Degli Stagisti is only a part of a continuative project aimed at encouraging innovation and bringing new talents into a group already determined to grow.”

The renewal of the agreement with La Repubblica Degli Stagisti is only the last entry in a long list of investments aimed at students the long-established company of Crespellano (BO) has made over the years. In 2013, in fact, Varvel SpA contributed to the assignation of 14 university grants for outstanding thesis projects concerning power transmission systems – in partnership with Assiot (Italian association of transmission unit and gearwheel producers) – as well as two more grants for a Master in Race Motorcycle Engineering, awarded by two students from the areas of Emilia Romagna region hit by a severe earthquake in 2012.
Matteo Barbopni