Kiran Gems Gets the First IIDGR’s Automated Melle Screening Machine Commissioned

San Diego, CA, July 10, 2014 --( Kiran Gems, the world’s largest manufacturer of diamonds, gets the first IIDGR’s Automated Melle Screening (AMS) Machine commissioned in its Headquarters in BDB, Mumbai. AMS is currently the most advanced machine with the latest technology in CVD screening. Mr Dinesh Lakhani, Director Global Sales said, “It is one more step towards bolstering customer confidence. This would now allow having even higher control on distribution flow of goods and keep the integrity of diamonds. Kiran Gems is the fore runner in technology adoption and would remain so as it goes long way in adding value to the relationships with customers.”

The machine allows the screening of 500 carats of colorless and near colorless diamonds ranging from 1 pointer to 20 pointers in various pre-selected size categories per screening event. The machine is hassle free to use and due to its automated technology, it does not require any person to sit through the whole process of screening. AMS would allow Kiran Gems to handle CVD screening of goods in volume, that return to the premises after being out for business, which is a normal and daily practice.

Prior to AMS Kiran Gems used IIDGRS’s Diamond Sure machine for the same. Kiran Gems had been the first to have the Diamond Sure machine as well. At present, Kiran Gems has 3 Diamond Sure machines which are all installed in its headquarters in Mumbai.

About Kiran Gems:
Kiran Gems is India’s premier diamantaire with international reach and reputation. It is “The world’s largest manufacturer of diamonds”. Kiran’s breadth of product offering and its focus on quality has made it one of the most preferred diamond supplier to the biggest and most well-known brands and/or companies of jewellery and watches. The company has 160 specialised production units, in Surat and Ahmedabad, which processes over 5.8 million carats of rough to produce over 1.6 million carats of polished diamonds. A workforce of over 35,000 trained individuals makes the group the largest employment creator in the Indian diamond industry. Kiran owns over 1 million sqft of factory space to manufacture polished diamonds. More information about Kiran Gems is available on
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