Renowned Environmental Activist and Organic Farmer Endorses Chicken Armor

Protecting your poultry from injuries sustained from over-mating or molting. Innovative poultry saddle design cuts retail prices. Simply hose-clean.

Morrison, CO, August 09, 2014 --( Chicken Armor is excited to announce the recent endorsement of their poultry saddles product by renowned author, organic farmer and environmental activist, MaryJane Butters. "[MaryJane Butters] thought that the material was really nice and the fact that they are so affordable is icing on the cake."- Brian Ogle, Director of Customer Service, MaryJanesFarm

The patent-pending poultry saddle is an innovative solution to protect the backs of chickens during mating and molting. Often times, people have chicken coups to breed more chickens to produce eggs or meat for the general population. Farmers and homesteaders need to take the necessary precautions to ensure that their chickens can mate and molt in a safe environment.

“The design came about when one of our hens was pecked to death back in 2011. This is actually a pretty common event for many who own a chicken coup. There were some similar devices on the market. However, when an item costs between $5 and $13, and you have more than a few chickens to protect, it adds up to a big expense. Our solution will be cost-effective so that it fits into budgets with ease,” Jill Bong, Chicken Armor founder.

Many similar products require sewing knowledge and experience. Chicken Armor is a more durable solution that doesn’t require sewing. Cleaning it simple as it is made with a scrim vinyl. Other materials become difficult to wash, due to the rigors of a coop. The new material has been rigorously tested to ensure its durability and effectiveness.

“We are dedicated to helping farmers and homesteaders create an environment where their animals can get an extra layer of protection. Our Chicken Armor poultry saddles will help keep chickens safer from predators and pecking,” Bong said.

Chicken Armor is a line of poultry saddles and other chicken related items such as farm signs. Chicken Armor was founded to make poultry saddles easy to wash, affordable and easy to use. For more information on Chicken Armor and their products visit

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