Direct Insight & e-con Systems Jointly Announce TRITON-CAM Plug and Play Camera Module for Triton PXA270 and PXA320 Development Systems

Chennai, India, November 28, 2007 --( Microsoft Windows Embedded Silver Partners Direct Insight and e-con Systems jointly announce the availability of TRITON-CAM, a unique add-on plug and play camera module for the TRITON PXA270 and PXA320 development systems and production ready modules. TRITON-CAM, based on camera module technology from e-con Systems India Pvt. Ltd., is a complete solution for image and video capture for Windows Embedded CE 6.0 and Linux.

Using the PXA270 or PXA320's dedicated camera interface to provide the highest possible performance, TRITON-CAM is a ready to use integrated camera module which interfaces seamlessly with StarterKit development system. To complete the package, drivers are available for Windows CE 5.0 and CE 6.0 with Directshow filter implementations, as well as a sample viewfinder application. Linux 2.6 support is also provided.

For development purposes, the TRITON-CAM module is connected to the StarterKit development system via a new Multimedia Interface (MI) board which plugs directly onto the baseboard, and also provides an optional QVGA LCD touch screen. The TRITON-CAM plugs directly onto the MI, avoiding the use of complex wiring. The development system runs Windows Embedded CE 6.0 out of the box, and the video image captured via the camera is displayed on the screen in real-time.

To transition to a production solution, a custom baseboard is created which houses both the TRITON processor module and the new camera module. Based on modification of the supplied baseboard schematics and BSP (Board Support Package), a platform can be created in just a few weeks ready for manufacture using the TRITON and TRITON-CAM modules.

TRITON-CAM is based on the Omnivision OV9653 1.3 MegaPixel(MP) fixed-focus CMOS image sensor, and supports resolutions up to 1280x1024. An optional autofocus 2.0MP camera will be available during Q4. As a TRITON-based development moves to production, any required customization of the camera module driver required to match the target application, baseboard design, BSP adaptation, and provision and integration of codecs are all available as services with rapid turnaraound. For volume applications, the module design and driver source-code can be licensed.

"We're pleased with the product, which is already being adopted by our customer base, and even more pleased with the co-operation with e-con Systems, and the superb technology they have brought to the table," commented David Pashley, Direct Insight's MD. "This is an exciting collaboration between two dynamic organisations," he added.

"The partnership with Direct Insight gives us the opportunity to increase the reach of our technology, and in TRITON-CAM we have created together a practical solution that meets a demand for new capability in a successful product" said Harishankkar Subramanyam, e-con Systems' Co-Founder and Head of Business Development.

TRITON-CAM and the MI board are available immediately in Europe and Americas from Direct Insight, and in Asia-Pacific regions from e-con Systems.


About Direct Insight:
Direct Insight Ltd is a provider of embedded development solutions based in Oxfordshire England. A Microsoft Windows Embedded Silver Partner, the company specialises in assisting customers in the rapid adoption and deployment of technologies such as Windows Embedded, AdvancedTCA and JTAG test. Direct Insight provides training courses, tools, development platforms, test equipment and production ready modules to customers across Europe.

About e-con Systems:
e-con Systems, an Embedded Product Development Partner based in Chennai India, offers World-class Design and Development services in Embedded Systems Domain including Hardware Design, Embedded Software Development, Device Driver Development, OS Porting etc.

Acknowledged by Microsoft as Silver Partner and having a passion for "Productizing ideas", e-con realizes the concept of the customers in to final products with successful product developments to date including video conferencing equipment, smart phones, industrial data loggers, loyalty terminals, video surveillance equipments, Point of Sale terminals and Reference platforms with Windows CE 6.0/5.0.
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