State of Washington - “Own Your Future” Campaign and Long Term Care Awareness Week: Keys to NHA Marketing Initiative

NHA incorporates the "Own Your Future Campaign, and "LTC Awareness Week" into its nationwide awareness initiative.

Olympia, WA, October 22, 2007 --( NHA, an insurance agency specializing in providing reliable information about Long Term Care along with insurance solutions, has incorporated both the Own Your Future campaign and LTC Awareness Week in its nationwide awareness initiative.

Governor Gregoire’s Long Term Care awareness campaign continues as Long Term Care Week approaches this November. Interest in the importance of Long Term Care insurance continues to grow in the State of Washington just one year after Governor Christine O. Gregoire launched Washington’s Own Your Future awareness campaign to urge residents of the state to begin planning for their future Long Term Care needs.

In her letter to Washingtonians last year, Governor Gregoire addressed the hard realities that Washington residents will have to face regarding Long Term Care. “Many people, including myself, do not like to think about getting older or the possibility that at some time we may not be able to do all the things we take for granted – routine tasks like bathing and dressing.” She went on to add, “But the hard truth is that most of us will need some type of Long Term Care at some point in our lives.”

The State of Washington has now joined 15 other states in partnering with the Health and Human Service Department’s Own Your Future campaign to encourage Americans between the ages of 45 and 70 to become aware of the rising Long Term Care crisis and the importance of planning for their future Long-Term Care needs.

Governor Gregoire reached out to Washingtonians as well in her letter as she worked to raise the level of public awareness, to bring potential solutions to light and to encourage prompt action by residents of the state.

“Change is a normal part of aging,” said Governor Gregoire, “yet many of us don’t take the time to plan adequately or ahead of time. We take action only when Long Term Care is necessary – when the need becomes a crisis – for us, individually, and for our families.” The Governor urged Washington residents to start thinking about planning for their future Long Term Care needs.

Along with the Own Your Future campaign, other federal initiatives to raise awareness about Long Term Care include a resolution recently passed by the United States House of Representatives, (HR133), supporting the goals of Long Term Care Awareness Week, which will take place November 4-10, 2007. For more information about Long Term Care Insurance you can visit

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