National Charity Dyslexia Action Protects Confidential Client Information

Egress Switch selected by UK charity to provide ‘follow the data’ control and security for shared information.

London, United Kingdom, July 16, 2014 --( Egress Software Technologies is pleased to report the uptake of its award-winning email and file encryption software, Egress Switch, by national charity Dyslexia Action.

Dyslexia Action works to change the lives of those with dyslexia and literacy difficulties, removing barriers to learning, employment and social fulfilment by offering direct support to individuals, as well as raising awareness and influencing change. This work is carried out by a network of 21 nationwide centres.

Tim Donne, IT Manager at Dyslexia Action, explains: “10% of the population are affected by dyslexia to varying degrees, and consequently the social impact of this is quite extensive, as everything we do throughout life requires us to access written information. As a result, the work carried out by Dyslexia Action is crucial to the wellbeing of thousands of people across the country and it is imperative that highly sensitive information about our customers is protected appropriately whenever it is shared electronically.

“For example, many of our customers prefer to receive reports via email, as this is more efficient than using conventional post, and consequently administrators working in our centres throughout the country required a simple yet secure solution to protect this information,” Donne continues. “In addition, we needed a solution that integrated with a range of applications, not simply Microsoft Outlook and Exchange; otherwise data protection would be put out of reach for the majority of people we work with, many of whom use web-hosted email services.”

Designed to provide a one-click email and file encryption solution, Switch integrates seamlessly with a variety of cloud-based services, including Office 365 and GoogleApps, as well as on-premise email infrastructure, such as MS Exchange and IMB Notes. In addition, recipients can receive and respond to secured packages via web-hosted access, meaning they do not need to download any software, and can initiate and reply to paying subscribers free of charge.

“We also received exceptional support from Egress while deploying the software,” states Donne. “As Dyslexia Action has a small IT team assisting over 280 employees, it is reassuring to know that should we have any queries or need further information, someone will respond to us quickly. Additionally, Egress extends their support to our recipients as well, alleviating a large burden from our IT department.”

Speaking about the announcement, Egress UK Sales Manager Kelly McCann commented: “At Egress we work with our customers to provide email and file encryption software that is highly accessible and aligned to their business requirements. Consequently, we were pleased to see Dyslexia Action selecting Switch based on its integration with their existing infrastructure.

“It is also positive that they chose to invest in a solution that offers comprehensive levels of encryption and data protection, rather than simply accepting a free add-on that wouldn’t necessarily provide the correct level of security. As an increasing number of organisations begin to examine their data protection requirement, it is crucial that they commit to finding a solution that protects them from the losses and breaches that can result in monetary penalties and damaged business reputation.”

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About Egress Software Technologies
Egress Software Technologies is the leading provider of hosted and on-premise encryption services designed to secure all forms of electronic information and delivered to customers in both the Public and Private Sectors via a single platform: Egress Switch.

As the first, and currently only, CESG CPA Foundation Grade certified email encryption product on the market, Switch Secure Email enables customers to share highly sensitive information over the internet, without the need to manage external third party credentials. The award-winning Switch portfolio of products also includes Secure File Transfer, Secure Web Form and the latest online collaboration offering, Secure Workspace.

Using patented key management, the platform utilises a unique community-based licensing model known as ‘the Egress Trust Network’ that consists of paying and free Switch subscribers, who are able to share information securely with one another using a single global identity.

About Dyslexia Action

Dyslexia Action is a national charity that takes action to change the lives of people with dyslexia and literacy difficulties. We want a world where barriers to learning, employment and fulfilment have been removed for people with dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties.

We take action to change lives by:
- Supporting improvement in education provision;
- Providing direct support to individuals;
- Leading the agenda for change.

Dyslexia Action operates in over 100 locations across Great Britain.
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