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Hubary is a dedicated Marketplace and trusted source for the most unique niche businesses and resources on the web. Their mission is to provide the platform to connect the best "hidden gems" on the internet to the people who need what they offer.

Stamford, CT, July 17, 2014 --( As of the morning of July 1st, Hubary, a new Marketplace dedicated to Niche online businesses went live. Hubary provides markets where the unique, creative, and quality business that are difficult to find online or reach their target audience can list their business. "We are building Hubary for the exclusive benefit of online Niche businesses that don't have the budget or resources to put together effective PPC campaigns or hire SEO experts. These businesses need to run their operation and competing with the leaders in their overall market space is fundamentally challenging. Hubary exists to bring these businesses the platform they need to connect with the users who need what they offer, but likely don't know they exist," said Matt McGoldrick, Hubary's Co-Founder.

Hubary's beta release features businesses that range from a house and pet sitting site called, to a fashionable winter hat and attached beard accessory called Beard Head, a golf travel vacation destination site called golfscape, a hidden flask inside a nice looking tie called FlaskTie, and a revolutionary new wearable fitness device called Atlas Wearables. They feature companies that range from having received notable press through TechCrunch, CNN, and Inc, to brand new products and services going through crowdfunding campaigns, and even a company that appeared on ABC's The Shark Tank.

To relate Hubary to a traditional brick and mortar marketplace, the modern mall would be a good picture of what they are not. No matter where you are in the country, whatever mall you walk into, it will basically have the same stores as every other one you've been to. Visitors to most malls find the same department stores, electronics stores, the same run of the mill clothing stores...most people could probably guess 90% of the stores in every mall across America. There's no differentiating between one or the other...there's nothing unique.

If Hubary was a mall, picture walking through a mall and having no idea what to expect. There's not a single one of those chain department stores. Instead, the mall is filled with new and unique stores, products, entertainment, services, and resources that not many people knew about and would never expect. These stores are all laid out in an easy to find directory and map allowing visitors to access them quickly and easily. is the online version of that scenario.

Hubary's ability to find the best online niche businesses and provide exposure and drive customers to them is imperative to their growth and service model. As is delivering the best online niche businesses that keep users and visitors interested and coming back.

The internet is long overdue for a service that focuses on the niche players on the web and giving them the platform they deserve to reach the customers they need. Hubary is poised to deliver on that.

Feel free to email Hubary with any questions or if you are interested in listing your niche business at: or .
Matt McGoldrick