Pets Are More Spoiled Than Ever

The trends-collective is seeing a huge number of trends that provide comfort for our animals.

New York, NY, July 19, 2014 --(, the leading trends consortium, is reporting a rise in the number of vanity products for pets.

“As humans, pets have always been an important part of our existence,” says a spokesperson. “But now, we as a society seem to have become more sensitive to the well being of our animals. These products make this perfectly clear.”

The products available for dogs are nearly endless and seem to stretch imagination. As the concept of the “pet parent” grows, the way in which pets are treated is changing. Dog boots have surged in popularity within the last year as a way of keeping feet dry and warm during the wintertime. Developers have invented wearable technology applications for dogs, allowing owners to monitor their activity and location. And of course there is a variety of organic, all-natural, sustainable foods for dogs.

While these ideas seem somewhat logical and useful, others are a bit more extreme. Developers have created technology to interpret dog barks into words to allow an owner to know what the canine has in mind. Vets are beginning to specialize in plastic surgery for dogs and tattoos for dogs have become such a popular idea that governments are starting to ban the practice. And a television network has launched with exclusive programming for dogs, often in five minute segments.

“Many of these products capitalize on the driving force behind this trend,” says a spokesperson. “Pet owners have become increasingly aware of the reliance our pets place on us. In exchange for the love and support our pets provide, these products reflect a desire to give back as much as possible. It’s simple human emotion.”

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