Angie Cox Has Recently Been Recognized by America’s Registry of Outstanding Professionals

Angie Cox of Gifford, Illinois, has recently been inducted into the America’s Registry Roundtable. Her contributions and achievements in the field of The Arts have qualified her for this honor.

Angie Cox Has Recently Been Recognized by America’s Registry of Outstanding Professionals
Farmingdale, NY, August 27, 2014 --( Angie Cox and her twin brother were born into a prison world addicted to heroin. Her and her brother’s early years were spent in a loveless and torturous relationship with a foster mother who abused and neglected them. Somehow they managed to survive and grow into adulthood with a faith in God that she learned through her life experiences. Angie went on to earn her B.S. in Business and Finance at Brunel University, Bournemouth and Poole College. She has since written her memoir entitled “Surviving the Devil: An Account of Adoption and Abuse.” In her book she describes the agonizing existence endured by her and her brother at the hands of their foster mother. The goal of her memoir is to bring awareness to child abuse by not skimming over the ugly details so that people who read her book will turn their outrage to action. She is currently working on her newest book due out in 2014 entitled “Life After Abuse.” Angie’s leisure time is now spent in promoting child abuse prevention and animal abuse advocacy, cooking, reading and gardening. Her quote “I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear” exemplifies her outlook on life today.

America's Roundtable is an elite program designed to take every aspect of membership to the highest level. It exists exclusively for a small handful of our most qualified professionals; with over 30,000 listed members, this is undoubtedly a position of power, prestige and limitless opportunity. Through an admittedly stringent screening process, this year's Roundtable candidates were chosen based on their credentials, accomplishments, aspirations and A.R.O.P. standing. These places are reserved for a pre-selected set of individuals such as Angie Cox.
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