SWACHA Services Corp and Guardian Analytics Announce Partnership to Provide Financial Institutions with Solutions to Prevent Payment Fraud & Unauthorized Account Access

Dallas, TX, July 19, 2014 --(PR.com)-- The partnership will result in SWACHA members and SWACHA Services Corporation clients joining hundreds of institutions with access to proven behavioral analytics solutions to expand services with confidence, improve brand reputation, and streamline fraud operations.

SWACHA Services Corporation (SSC) announced today a partnership with Mountain View, Calif.-based Guardian Analytics to market a suite of software products that use behavioral analytics to prevent banking fraud. Dallas-based SWACHA Services Corporation is a for-profit, wholly owned subsidiary of SWACHA, one of the largest not-for-profit electronic payments associations in the country.

Guardian Analytics’ FraudMAP solutions use patented Dynamic Account Modeling™ technology to develop and dynamically maintain behavioral models for every user of electronic payment services or online banking. New activity is then analyzed relative to the established norm to detect suspicious or anomalous activity that could indicate fraudulent activity or identity theft. FraudMAP is able to quickly identify changes in behavior, capture the changes in an elevated risk score, and issue an alert so the affected organization can take immediate action.

“Partnering with Guardian Analytics allows us to offer a proven product to our members and clients to combat cyber-criminals who are stealing personal information and money,” said Dennis Simmons, CEO of SWACHA and a Director of SWACHA Services Corporation. “Given the growing global issues of banking fraud and identity theft, we believe every financial institution needs to have this type of capability as part of their standard fraud prevention strategy.”

With Guardian Analytics solutions, financial institutions and others in the electronic payments industry can:
· Monitor online and mobile banking activity from login to logout
· Detect unauthorized access to all types of secure portals
· Analyze ACH origination files at the batch and transaction levels
· Analyze wire transactions in real-time
· Conform to the anomaly detection component of the FFIEC Guidance

“We’re pleased to be partnering with SWACHA Services Corporation,” said Terry Austin, President and CEO of Guardian Analytics. “Our customers, including numerous SWACHA members and SWACHA Services Corporation clients, have found that they not only are preventing banking fraud, but achieving strategic objectives including improving operational efficiency and brand reputation and increasing revenue through offering expanded services with confidence that they’ve mitigated fraud risks.”

About SWACHA Services Corporation
SWACHA Services Corporation (SSC) is a for-profit, wholly-owned subsidiary of the SWACHA-The Electronic Payments Resource®. SSC provides a wide range of professional services to community banks, credit unions and other financial intuitions in the electronic payments industry outside of those traditionally offered through SWACHA membership. For more information, visit www.swachaservices.com.

SWACHA-The Electronic Payments Resource®, is one of the largest not-for-profit regional payments associations in the country with approximately 1,000 members across the Southwest. SWACHA is the resource of choice for financial institutions and corporations in the areas of education, training, payments system risks and knowledge about electronic payments.

For more information visit:
Web: www.swacha.org
Facebook: www.facebook.com/bringingpaymentstogether
Twitter: @SWACHA

About Guardian Analytics
Guardian Analytics is the pioneer and leading provider of behavior-based fraud prevention solutions for financial institutions. With hundreds of customers, more financial institutions trust the company's FraudMAP solutions to protect their clients' assets and conform to FFIEC expectations for anomaly detection than any other solution. Based in Mountain View, Calif., Guardian Analytics is privately held. For more information, please visit www.GuardianAnalytics.com.

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