TravelFlix: A Convenient App for Frequent Travelers

Los Angeles, CA, August 15, 2014 --( TravelFlix is an application that is very beneficial to travelers due to its capabilities for sharing travel plans through a social platform. Trips can be as short as a business conference taking place during a weekend or an extended tour of the globe that lasts several months; both situations are covered by TravelFlix's excellent planning tools and sharing features. TravelFlix also provides users with the ability to share photos, create travel profiles, share plans and locations through an interactive map, meet up with others at a specific destination, and to find the best reviewed restaurants, hotels, and other establishments. TravelFlix allows its users to use these features for customizing every aspect of their travel experience while considering the experiences of other users that have already visited particular locations across the globe.

The portion of TravelFlix that allows users to view restaurants, hotels, and other businesses in a particular area is known as 'Eat, Stay, and Play'. Due to an array of preference selection options, travelers can narrow their choices to very specific locations. For example, restaurants that specialize in local foods and hotels off the beaten path can be found by using the 'Eat, Stay, and Play' feature. Along with food options and lodging, this feature can be used to find the best attractions in a certain area. All of the reviews and information found within the TravelFlix app is user generated by other owners of the app, so biased perspectives of businesses are kept to an absolute minimum. This adds a sense of accountability for users to be honest about the services provided by the businesses and organizations of a travel destination. A strong sense of community also allow information to be shared consistently between the users of Travelflix.

The most recent update of TravelFlix has greatly expanded its usefulness for travelers of all types. The travel review model has been completely renovated in order to improve ease of access and to make it more user friendly. Previously a rather time consuming process, every aspect of a trip ranging from travel options to lodging can be planned ahead of time on TravelFlix in just mere minutes. New features such as image sharing make the overall experience quite engaging and encourage users to travel more frequently.

The most recent version of TravelFlix is now available for iOS. The TravelFlix App can be purchased on the Apple online store.
Katrina Ramalho