Changing Ho Hum Walls and Floors Into Pictures on Tiles

Newmarket, Canada, July 25, 2014 --( New Technology Takes Basic Boring Walls Making Them Works of Art

Paris Group Inc. has introduced a new concept that has just been emerging on the new construction and renovation scene.

Manufacturing photographs and images onto wall and floor tile has been primarily used by elite corporations. Creating stunning wall murals and photographed tile floors, with virtually any design or image one can imagine.

This technology is now at a place, cost wise, to be used by virtually anyone, and most are not even aware that this is even possible, let alone available.

Homes can have back-splashes now of any design or pattern. Front foyers can have tile with a “welcome” text on a flower bed of tiles, if they so choose. Bathroom renovations change with walk in showers having an outdoor forest with waterfall tiles on the walls.

Restaurants and companies, can change walls into any color scheme image they desire. All that is required is an idea and a photograph. The rest is custom made wall or floor tiles in any size required.

Imagination required.
Paris Group Inc.
Eric Partanen