Many Americans Fail to Protect Their Financial Future from a Disabling Accident or Illness offers a free no obligation comparison shopping service for disability insurance from over a dozen A-rated carriers.

Raleigh, NC, October 23, 2007 --( “Protecting your future income with disability insurance is one of the most important aspects of a solid financial foundation. It’s natural for people to insure their home, car, and other valuables but many people fail to protect the asset that provides these items – their income”, says Reilly O’Neal founder and president of

Statistics show that 3 in 10 workers entering the work force today will become disabled before retiring. In addition, disability causes nearly 50 percent of all home foreclosures, compared to 2% caused by death. Disabilities among the American workforce are on the rise and with approximately 110 million Americans without long term disability insurance it is obvious that American workers are financially unprepared for a disabling injury or illness. Many people believe that because they are healthy they don’t have a real need for disability insurance but that can change in a matter of seconds. In fact, in the last 24 hours over 56,000 people became disabled due to an accident or illness.

Many workers also fail to recognize that their ability to work and earn an income is their most valuable asset. A 30 year old worker earning $84,000 per year has the potential to earn over 7 million dollars over the course of their career yet people are failing to properly protect this asset which is responsible for keeping a roof over their head, medical insurance paid, a vehicle in the driveway, and dreams of a comfortable retirement or college education for the kids within in reach.

“Self employed individuals, business owners, consultants, physicians, and others who are without group disability insurance benefits are the most at risk. Not only are these workers solely responsible for the success of their businesses but they do not have anyone to fall back on if they were unable to work due to a disability. If an injury or illness sidelined them from work, not only would their personal finances be impacted but the livelihood of their business could be in jeopardy, making it even more difficult to come back from such an event”, says O’Neal.

The complexity and expense of individual disability insurance often deters workers from purchasing this valuable protection. As a general rule an individual can expect to pay a monthly premium of approximately 2-3% of their monthly income depending on the policy design and additional riders. has a team of licensed disability insurance specialists that will help visitors save time and money by doing the research for them. As an independent brokerage company for 13 of the nation’s top A-rated disability insurance carriers,’s insurance specialists make it easy to find the best disability insurance policy for your needs by using their knowledge of the various insurance companies and their products. Simply go to their website ( and spend 5 minutes completing a quote request form. Within 24 hours an insurance specialist will email you the best options available based on your unique profile. In addition, they will schedule a time at your convenience to explain the differences between policies and answer any questions.

“Disability insurance is not one size fits all. Each insurance company treats particular occupations and medical conditions differently. There are definitions of disability and policy features that vary among the disability insurance products on the market. We offer our knowledge and experience in an unbiased, no pressure environment so that our clients may fully understand the differences between policies and can be sure that the policy they choose is the best policy available for their needs and their budget”, says O’Neal offers the following types of disability insurance:

Disability Income – helps you meet your living expenses by replacing a portion of the earned income when you’re too sick to work.

Overhead Expense – for business owners, this coverage reimburses you for certain business expenses, helping you to keep your office open until you are able to return to work.

Disability Buy-Out – with two or more owners, helps fund the transfer of a business from a disabled owner to the remaining active owners.

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