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The website Apparel in is expanding and getting more categories, more pages, more products.

Escondido, CA, July 30, 2014 --( by web entrepreneur Russell P Shubert (619)-948-6509

Delight your senses and feeling of being "well dressed" with leather apparel from

Founder of the website, Russell P Shubert, is proud to announce the continued expansion of his new business venture. Customers are invited to browse the incredible array of leather apparel for both men and women. All the "leathers" featured are made of high quality leather, made by two leading brands and made available at affordable discounted prices. For even more information and advice, be sure to visit the site's new blog.

Web entrpreneur, R. Shubert, is pleased to present his new website, and the continued adding of more categories of leather apparel.

Shubert began the business venture in January 2014 to provide customers access to quality items that are proven best-sellers, so even the customer who is not as familiar with the differences of leather apparel can still find a great brand at a discounted price.

"Leather apparel is a personal interest of mine," said Shubert. "I started this business venture when I saw how other sites and stores marked up their margins so much, as high as 400% to 500% above the wholesale price". "So, I'm determined to offer the same items as the other sites, but at a discounted price". "I'm now often asked for advice on items of leather apparel".

At customers are encouraged to browse thru a comprehensive collection of some of the best women's and men's leather apparel. These include brand names from 3 outstanding warehouses like Allstate Leather in Texas, DealerLeather in New Jersey, and CKB Products in Texas.

For a dash of indisputable wardrobe elegance, try a handsome Leather Blazer for dress up, comes in black or brown. Try matching leather jackets and/or leather vests for both men and women, you will be looking good. You can't go wrong with any of these top shelf designers products.

Customer service is a vital component of business philosophy. Shubert hopes to develop a more personal buyer-seller relationship. Customers can call or email Shubert directly seeking advice as to which item of leather will work best for them.

The site's newly formulated business blog, is an excellent source for leather apparel recommendations and advice. On the blog, Shubert will share his knowledge of "leathers", discount prices, and proper selection of leather apparel for its useage.

"Wearing leather apparel is an art," says Shubert. "You can't just throw on a leather item and walk around thinking you look good. There is an art to wearing & choosing the proper item of leather apparels, and also looking good and being comfortable, and I'm more than willing to divulge the proper techniques." by web entrepreneur Russell P Shubert (619)-948-6509

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