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A new brow powder is available exclusively from CRAVE. CRAVE products are not sold in any retail location. It's available exclusively on the CRAVE website.

Eastpointe,, MI, July 31, 2014 --( CRAVE Beauty is excited to announce the launch of their new brand CRAVE, CRAVE Beauty – Be You and CRAVE Beauty Public Relations. Entrepreneur LaShondra White has focused building a beauty brand that showcases women’s natural features and empowers women to love the way they look.

"I see beauty in every person. I strive to create faces that will highlight the individual’s natural beauty. I create natural faces with the aid of products from the CRAVE exclusive line, as well as other reputable products. The other components of the brand are focused on putting an impressive image out to others showcasing their talents, and supporting the empowerment of others to be a powerful force," White, Entrepreneur.

The CRAVE Beauty brand is made up of three key parts – natural beauty, talent and empowerment – which when combined together help women realize and embrace their own natural beauty. Crave Beauty is a high quality cosmetics line under the private label sector. The growing line currently consists of a brow powder in a variety of colors that accentuate a woman’s eyebrows. Crave Beauty Public Relations focuses on building strong and lasting relationships through the offering of free advice to better build a brand. Crave Beauty – Be You is a network of people all over the world who support one another in an online forum to help empower each other. “The people that participate in our forums have a mutual respect for one another. They truly care about helping one another feel confident,” White.

“Some people use makeup to hide from the way they really look but why hide from what makes you unique and most importantly makes you beautiful. When you think about it, it truly is remarkable how different we are from one another. I want to help women accept and love the way they look. Ever notice how the first two syllable of beautiful sound like Be You? Hiding your imperfections takes away from what was making you glow in the first place. I use makeup in a way that highlights each person’s features in a way that makes them feel confident and beautiful,” says White.

White is a graduate form the Robert Jones Beauty Academy with a specialization in Makeup Artistry. For more information and to view LaShondra White’s portfolio visit You can also like Crave Beauty on Facebook at
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