DiStefano Offers Medical Micro Pigmentation to Treat All Types of Hair Loss in Men and Women

DiStefano Hair Loss Restoration Centers is now offering a whole new way to treat hair loss in patients.

Newton, MA, August 01, 2014 --(PR.com)-- DiStefano Hair Loss Restoration Centers (http://www.hairman.com) is now offering a whole new way to treat hair loss in patients. Called medical micro pigmentation, the procedure is performed by a highly trained micro pigmentologist, who injects microscopic amounts of pigment into the epidermis of the scalp to create small “dots” that replicate the patient’s natural hair follicles as they exit the skin.

Medical micro pigmentation is highly flexible and can be used on men and women. It can be used to create new hairlines on the front, rear and sides of the scalp. It is also used to treat all forms and levels of alopecia. For those who wear their hair closely cropped, medical micro pigmentation replicates closely cropped natural follicles. For patients with diffuse hair loss or thinning hair, medical micro pigmentation darkens the scalp to make the areas look thicker and fuller. It is also used to hide scars from previous hair transplant surgery, other scars, birthmarks and burns.

DiStefano uses the very latest and most advanced procedure that utilizes custom created pigments for each patient. The five pigments are then injected just under the surface of the skin to create the “follicles” Replication is complete when the micro pigmentologist creates a follicle pattern that matches the pattern of the patient’s natural follicles.

For more information about DiStefano Hair Loss Restoration Centers and the medical micro pigmentation technique, visit http://www.hairman.com.

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