New Erotic Romance in Weekly Short Story Format Takes the Web by Storm

Fans are raving about the raven-haired girl and what she calls her "experiment" with the middle-aged married man who has fallen for her. Can a beautiful truth be wrapped in a terrible lie, or will they shatter hearts and ruin lives?

New York, NY, August 01, 2014 --( He is a walking cliché, the middle-aged married man who falls for the raven-haired beauty. Issue no. 1 begins after a year of stalemate, when for reasons of her own she decides to make the first move.

Author, Ian Flackman, insists this is all his wife's fault. She told him he'd be good at this, and fans agree.

"It was almost an accident, when I picked the first issue up for free a few weeks ago. All I can say is thank you, and my husband thanks you, too. Now we can't wait for next week's new issue!" - "Janet" from New York

The unusual tale unfolds each week, in short story form, currently available exclusively on the Kindle platform. Filled with adult-only, highly erotic scenes, as well as a surprisingly sophisticated storyline that starts on the Pacific Coast of North America, the fourth weekly issue is available now.

Each issue is available for 99 cents, but keep your eyes open for special free offers toward the end of the week.

Of the unfolding weekly storyline, Flackman states, "My wife knows I'm writing these, but thank God she hasn't read them. Aside from the erotic fantasies that I hope my female readers will use as insight into a fairly typical male brain, I am most interested in whether these characters will be able to survive. I suspect their lies will ruin them, but there is a sweetness to the truth they try to shelter underneath such a shroud. I just don't yet know if it will be enough to save them."

Since Issue no. 1 released four weeks ago, readership has grown into the thousands. This unique weekly short-story format could be just what the digital publishing realm needed to generate the next wave. For the price of 99 cents each issue, with free offers available consistently, readers will doubtlessly improve their love lives and have the chance to enjoy a sophisticated, modern "Girl Friday" tale, in the genre of erotic romance.

The Raven Trysts, available for Kindle Readers now, with new issues every week.
The Raven Trysts
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