Breaks Down Its Newest Selection of Dorm Room Rugs and Talks Rug Trends and Tips

DormCo explains its latest inventory of basic, designer and eco-friendly rugs.

Buffalo, NY, August 01, 2014 --( According to, the premier online vendor for college dorm supplies, the finishing touch to any dorm room is a rug. DormCo sells a variety of rugs in different, colors, patterns, textures and prices to suit almost any college student or style. From basic to designer, DormCo said its lineup of rugs is one of their most diverse product categories.

“We have more than 500 rug listings on our site,” said Jeff Gawronski, owner of DormCo. “We truly have a color or design for everyone, no matter what their budget is.”

Budget-friendly rugs fall under the Basic (Under $40) category on Many of the most popular basic rugs feature solid colors and soft fabric, like the bestseller College Plush Rug. But not all basic rugs are devoid of pattern, according to Kerri Linsenbigler, a customer service representative at DormCo.

“There really isn’t anything basic about these rugs,” Linsenbigler said. “We have a bunch of cute chevron rugs, striped rugs and more intricate-patterned rugs for less than $40. We even have some for less than $30.”

The next tier, Designer Rugs, retail for more than $40, and usually feature larger sizes and patterns. What is truly unique to DormCo, however, is its collection of Eco-Friendly college dorm rugs, Gawronski said. These rugs are made from recycled materials, like cotton and plastic, and they won’t break the budget.

“The majority of our Eco-Friendly rugs are priced under $40,” Gawronski explained. “You don’t have to pay a fortune for earth-friendly dorm accessories.”

Rug size depends on the rug, according to DormCo. Many of the rugs come in a variety of sizes, and there is the option to upgrade for an additional cost. When choosing a rug size, Linsenbigler recommended checking the dorm room’s dimensions and talking with roommates or suitemates before purchasing.

“A larger rug, like a 4’x6’ or 6’x9,’ looks better in the center of a dorm room,” Linsenbigler said. “So you would want to coordinate with your roommate so the color matches both of your bedding. A smaller rug, like a 3’x5,’ is the perfect size for next to your bed or in front of a futon. That size is easy to mix and match with your own dorm décor since it won’t creep in to your roommate’s side of the dorm.”

Whether it’s basic, designer or eco-friendly, Gawronski and Linsenbigler agree a dorm rug is an essential dorm room accessory for college students. To browse DormCo’s complete inventory of dorm rugs and other dorm products, please visit For more information, and to have any questions answered, please contact DormCo at or 888-925-2899.
Keith Gillogly