Introducing IntegrityPCI, Level 1 PCI-DSS Compliance Software for Contact Centers

IntegrityPCI is the newest product launched by software solutions provider IntegrityNet. It was specifically developed to be a sensible alternative for contact centers to comply with PCI-DSS requirements.

Houston, TX, August 04, 2014 --( With PCI-DSS 3.0 now being strictly enforced by credit card companies due to the rise in incidents of fraud in contact centers, these companies are now scrambling to meet up with their requirements. Otherwise, they face very steep penalties from the credit card companies if they are found liable for any incidence of fraud.

“We were faced with the same situation before because more and more potential clients for outsourcing are asking for PCI Compliance. When we looked at vendors for PCI Compliance, we were shocked at the prices we were quoted for. It was impossible for us to make our money back. We had to look for a solution ourselves,” says Wesley Pollard, Business Development Officer at IntegrityNet.

After months of development and testing, IntegrityPCI was first used on in-house clients by IntegrityNet Call Center. “We first had to look for solutions to eliminate the need for hardware. That was our goal, to look for a software solution that can be deployed to any desktop in a matter of minutes, not weeks. If we did that, we knew that we drop our prices on overhead significantly,” says Wesley

IntegrityNet did find that answer, and is now offering their software solution, IntegrityPCI, to other call centers that are finding it too expensive to comply with PCI-DSS requirements.

“We know how the contact center industry feels about the costs involved in PCI compliance and how they cut corners to meet its requirements. IntegrityPCI software can give them that cost effective solution they are looking for. You can keep recordings of your card transactions, and do away with robotic IVRs. Keep the human touch throughout your calls! That’s what IntegrityPCI can bring to your business,” says Wesley.

IntegrityPCI’s advanced technology solution makes credit card voice transactions and recordings comply with PCI-DSS. Customer’s sensitive information are never seen, spoken, or heard by your staff, and never recorded. Hence, making stolen credit card numbers a thing of the past. It is the only solution available on the market today that does not require you to change your voice carrier, phone system, voice recording system, credit card processor or payment gateway. It requires minimal training and installs in minutes.

IntegrityPCI runs independently and seamlessly on any Microsoft Windows platform, and works with any PC based soft phone or standard telephone set.

For further details about how IntegrityPCI works and how it prevents fraud from within your organization, visit

About IntegrityNet
It was founded in Houston, Texas in 2009 as IntegrityNet Call Center, having expanded its call center operations in the Philippines in October 2010. In 2011, IntegrityNet Solutions and Software department was developed to support its call center operational needs. It then became a separate entity which created the brands IntegrityPCI, and IntegrityPBX.
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