Bithammer Games Associates 2 in 1: When Pinball Meets Car Racing

It's neither an ordinary pinball nor a usual car racing game. It's a mixture. A good kind of mixture.

Budapest, Hungary, August 05, 2014 --( Eric Parker and his developer team, Bithammer Games, recently launched their game "Heat Race Pinball" on Kickstarter. They wanted to make something special where two different and entertaining platforms merge for player communities hungry for action, nostalgia and of course, car racing. Nowadays, when retro is flourishing, pinball games can also reborn, in a new modern way. Heat Race Pinball is a game where player can unlock levels revealing car racing challenges and having unlocked them, they can be played separately. Players can also compete with each other as the game has an online global ranking.

Heat Race Pinball features spectacular 3D elements with realistic physics. Table has the well-known combos which, in this case, are linked to car racing. The specialty of this pinball game is the two mini-games: speeding and street races with a wide variety of cars.

Kickstarter is an all-or- nothing crowdfunding website where you can create a campaign page to help fund creative ideas. People who choose to fund projects, called “backers,” are incentivized through a reward schedule, which are delivered if the creator can successfully hit their target funding goal. For funding Heat Race Pinball, backers will receive tiered rewards, ranging from a premium first run-version of the game (just for Ł2) to the opportunity to take part in development phase and suggest individual ideas.

If you are interested in the rest of the rewards, please, check Heat Race Pinball Kickstarter page here:

As Eric says, “We’ve long dreamed of being able to bring Pinball back. If you share this dream, if you’ve always wanted to watch and influence the game design process from start to finish, this is your chance. Don’t miss it!”
Bithammer Games
Krisztina Varga