Thrill Planet’s Paintball: Winter’s Ticket to Adventure

Thrill Planet offers indoor paintball games to winter adventurers.

Smyrna, GA, January 21, 2006 --( Thrill Planet, the nation’s leading provider of adventure sports and a member of the 1-800-Sky-Ride Adventure Network, is offering indoor paintball games to its winter adventure enthusiasts.

In paintball, the object is to “kill” the enemy before the enemy “kills” you. It’s shoot or get shot! The game requires you to wear special gear and use special equipment. A mask and neck guard are mandatory. You don war garb. You use a paintball gun, which is fueled by pressurized gas. The gun shoots little balls filled with paint. Upon contact, the paintball bursts, marking the enemy with a splatter of paint.

Thrill Planet’s paintball games are not only tremendous fun, but they are also good for you. Study after study attests to the fact that exercising while participating in an enjoyable sport helps reduce stress, lower tension, refresh, and brighten one’s outlook on life. All these benefits combine to elevate one’s health and wellness.

Also, an increasing number of Corporate Managers, in order to build unity and enhance teamwork, are arranging paintball games for their employees.

Paintball is much more than a game of luck and indiscriminate shooting. It’s a game of intense strategy. It can be played by as few as two people or as many as 500. If more than two people are playing, the game demands finely orchestrated teamwork. And a game of paintball can last from five minutes to a full day!

Each game of paintball is different, requiring different strategies and tactics. Sometimes you want to adopt a stealth strategy, moving slowly and covertly while taking a few careful shots. At other times, you want to loudly rush the enemy, releasing a barrage of fire as you go.

Regardless of the number of players and the strategies you use, each Thrill Planet Paintball Game is incredibly exciting!

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