ALCIE Integrated Solutions Announces Release of Business Management Software with Automated Revenue Re-distribution and Expense Recovery for the Forest & Logging Industry

ALCIE Integrated Solutions Inc., a provider of ERP and Business Management software, announces the release of ALCiE Log & Lumber Broker Suite, designed for companies in the forest & logging industry that specialize in selling logs, lumber and wood products on behalf of their suppliers. This software features automated revenue re-distribution and expense recovery, which eliminates labor intensive data entry and streamlines log sales/purchases, charge-backs and project allocations.

Montreal, Canada, August 06, 2014 --( ALCIE Integrated Solutions Inc. (AIS) has released a Business Management software solution with automated revenue re-distribution and expense recovery for the forest & logging industry: ALCiE Log & Lumber Broker Suite. This software Suite is designed for companies that sell logs, lumber and wood products on behalf of their suppliers, in addition to the companies’ own products and services.

Businesses that can benefit from using ALCiE Log & Lumber Broker Suite are:
• Log Brokers looking for automation to manage more transactions with less effort.
• Companies managing their clients' (Log Suppliers) inventory and having to deal with the re-distribution of costs and revenues to multiple sources.
• Businesses looking to better manage their accounting by using automated project costing.

Thanks to this industry specific ALCiE Suite, Storey Creek Trading Ltd., a log brokerage company based in British Columbia, Canada, is better prepared to handle their sudden boom in business activity. "Our office employees were spending most of their time on data entry and verifying posted transactions," says L. Gordon, Accountant/Office Manager for Storey Creek Trading. "ALCiE not only eliminated about 80% of the data entry, it also greatly reduced processing time while increasing accuracy. This has improved productivity, allowing us to take on more projects and expand our operations."

Typically, a single sale event necessitates multiple transactions that correspond to the allocation of costs to client projects (i.e. contracts with the Log Suppliers) and re-distribution of revenues as payables. Manually entering these additional transactions is a time consuming chore that invariably leads to errors. Automated transaction processing within ALCiE Log & Lumber Broker Suite eliminates these manual entries and errors. This streamlines operations and cuts turnover time for document processing and other accounting functions.

The major benefits derived from using ALCiE Log & Lumber Broker Suite are that it:
• provides automation to process Log Sales and Purchases;
• handles Charge-backs, Project Allocations and inventory processing automatically;
• reduces data entry and increases information accuracy;
• cuts processing time and administrative labor costs.

ALCiE Log & Lumber Broker Suite includes the following modules in its standard edition:

• Contract - Project Allocations
Project Allocation functionality enables managers to track costs more accurately, and in a timely fashion since project allocations are created automatically.

• Accounts Payable
Automated functionality in Accounts Payable facilitates log purchases and charge-back transaction processing for Consigned Inventory. Regular Inventory purchases automatically update stock levels and average unit costs, and create all the necessary accounting entries.

• Accounts Receivable
Includes specialized Accounts Receivable processing for log sales transactions (Inventory or Consigned) and service invoices with automated charge-back functionality to Log Suppliers.

• Inventory Management
Manages inventory of logs by Sort Code and provides industry-specific categorizations for all inventory items. Standard functionality includes multi-location inventory tracking and real-time processing, and supports retroactive inventory transactions.

• General Ledger
General Ledger provides multi-level and cross-module drill-down capabilities to original transactions in Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Inventory. Journal entries for Projects automatically create associated project allocations.

More information on ALCiE Log & Lumber Broker Suite can be obtained by contacting AIS or visiting the ALCiE website.

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