IntegrityPCI, Bringing Integrity to Voice Transactions

IntegrityPCI is the newest product launched by software solutions provider IntegrityNet. It is designed to bring credibility to card payments made over the phone.

Houston, TX, August 07, 2014 --( How safe is it to give your personal details over the phone?

Recent survey showed that almost 99% believe that payment made over the phone is the least secure method. And over 80% believes that their security is at risk from contact centers that obtains their personal information. For age group 18-34, 22% of them don’t even consider making payments over the phone. These are staggering figures considering that 50% of consumers phone a contact center once a month to make a purchase.

The need to rebuild trust around card payments over the phone

Although the industry would still be making millions making payments this way, trends show that consumers will favor brands or call centers that can provide them some reassurance over the security of their personal data. While a number of organizations are moving toward PCI compliance, research shows that this is not fast enough, with others opting to cut corners just to indicate some form of compliance.

Studies show that more than 65% of consumers would rather be transferred to an IVR rather than give their card details verbally. Coincidentally, same percentage shows that they hate going through the IVR process. That study showed that 90% would prefer staying with the agent during a transaction if they had another option.

How technology can help rebuild trust in the Telephone Order industry

INTEGRITYPCI is a Level-1 PCIDSS compliance software that will bring consumer confidence back to Mail Order and Telephone Order customers. With IntegrityPCI, customers can continue to interact with the contact center agent during the payment process, by using the customers’ telephone keypad to enter their payment card info. The customers’ sensitive information are never seen, spoken, or heard by the agent. DTMF tones are heavily encrypted, giving peace of mind for both customers and contact centers that they can continue recording the full transaction.

It is the only solution available on the market today that does not require you to change your voice carrier, phone system, voice recording system, credit card processor or payment gateway. It requires minimal training and installs in minutes.

IntegrityPCI runs independently and seamlessly on any Microsoft Windows platform, and works with any PC-based soft phone or standard telephone set.

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About IntegrityNet
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