Bevintel NW Phoenix Helps Bars and Restaurants Boost Profits During Slower Summer Months

Goodyear, AZ, August 07, 2014 --( It’s a fact and a brutal reality that summertime in the Phoenix area results in declining sales for bar and restaurant owners. The snowbirds have gone home for the summer, kids are out of school, and the temperature hovers at 110 degrees for what seems like forever. Anyone in the hospitality industry can tell you that Phoenix summers will make you or break you!

So how can bars and restaurants add profitability back in the equation?

Bevintel NW Phoenix, LLC is providing real solutions for NW Valley bars and restaurants and helping them boost their bottom line profits by performing on premise bar audits to identify and correct the liquor and beer inventory issues that can lead to disaster for even well-run operations. Bar stocktaking is made much easier, alcohol and beer inventory levels are maintained at maximum efficiency, and loss due to waste, spillage, and theft is dramatically reduced.

If the name Bevintel sounds familiar to you, it may be because since 2011, Bevintel has been the inventory solution company featured on Spike TV’s Bar Rescue. Bevintel has grown internationally to the point where it is the world’s leading profit management and revenue enhancement service for the hospitality industry. To date, there are franchise partners and customers in most major cities in about 30 countries worldwide. Entrepreneur Magazine named Bevintel as one of the top 200 franchises in the world, ranked at #129 in 2014.

These same services and solutions are now available in the NW Phoenix area. Rex Snyder, owner and operator of Bevintel NW Phoenix, LLC, purchased the franchise about a year and a half ago because he saw a real opportunity to help bar and restaurant owners in the NW Phoenix valley increase their profits by an average exceeding 10% of their gross sales and reduce liquor loss to 5% or less.

Owner Casey Raptis of the Deli Sports Bar and Grill located at 9635 W Peoria Ave in Peoria, AZ states “Using Bevintel NW Phoenix has increased our revenue significantly! When Bevintel first started doing weekly audits our losses were unbelievable and we were in shock to see how much money we were losing every week that should have been going towards our bottom line. Since then, we have used the weekly analysis Bevintel provides to isolate specific problems and we have taken measures to correct staff performance issues and operational deficiencies. Staff is now held accountable and we are now so much closer to maintaining optimum profitability.”

Raptis goes on to say, “No special promotion or advertising could have impacted our bottom line the way Bevintel inventory controls have. Their system is almost effortless and it pays for itself! We no longer struggle to find time to inventory all of our stock and they give us a report detailing what should be ordered. I can’t pay an employee to do this for what it costs me for the service! We now have more time and money to invest in special events to promote our bar.”

For a comprehensive look at the services Bevintel NW Phoenix, LLC can provide for your bar or restaurant, visit their web site or call Sherry Harris, Vice President of Business Development at (602) 692-6399.
Bevintel NW Phoenix
Sherry Harris