rcr8 Launches Tag Cloud Outdoor Activity Content Embed and WordPress Plugin

rcr8 puts outdoor recreation content into the hands of independent publishers with the launch of rcr8 tag cloud.

Denver, CO, August 07, 2014 --(PR.com)-- The rcr8 tag cloud lets local bloggers and other publishers offer a directory with a focus on their favorite activities. It provides a social utility for their sites that is free and easy to integrate powered by one of the largest databases of outdoor sports on the web. rcr8 tag cloud presents site visitors a targeted “cloud” of outdoor activities around them or within the coverage area of the publication.

Publishers spend significant dollars, resources and hours ensuring that their content is rich and valuable to their readers. rcr8 supplements this original content with an interactive tool that users value as a resource and will associate with their site, returning regularly to browse by different activities and locations. Its a great way to encourage return visits and improve engagement.

Parent blogs, outdoor sports specialty publishers, community sites and other media companies all work every day to increase traffic to their sites. It is no secret that the key to growing audience is compelling and relevant content that is timely and regularly updated. Now, with the tag cloud embed, rcr8 provides value-added listings browsable by keywords to help increase traffic to sites and engagement while on site.

rcr8 compliments the content for newspapers, municipal sites, community centers, local directories and portals, retailers, resorts, travel sites, parenting and other resource providers, even outdoor sports businesses wanting to provide fun and useful tools that bring people back to their sites.

rcr8 not only provides a widget builder to quickly generate custom embed code but has also made the embed available as a WordPress Plugin specifically to cater to the community of independent publishers who use WordPress. “The WordPress platform has become a significant part of the media ecosystem and goes well beyond blogging. Major media companies use it to power high traffic sites,” says rcr8 founder Sasha Gorelik. “We made the tag cloud embed the new default in our WordPress plugin as a nod to the prominence of tag clouds among bloggers and WordPress publishers.”

“The design of the tag cloud interface is about lightweight and simple interaction. It requires far less work than text entry to engage with and that’s good for both the site guest and the publisher,” says rcr8 co-founder and Chief Interaction Officer Jonathan Boho.

For more information, visit http://rcr8.com/publishers. rcr8 is also available on Facebook at http://facebook.com/recr8 and Twitter @rcr8spot.

About rcr8
rcr8 provides listings of locations for outdoor activity and recreation. rcr8 focuses on public spaces and outdoor adventure. We are a community resource for families and sports fans based out of Denver, Colorado.
Sasha Gorelik